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please delete


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19 hours ago, Snowbro said:

Looks like a camera sex toy, if that is such a thing ?

id bet that it is lol

15 hours ago, leslie said:

OH MY GOODNESS.... I WANT ONE   might have to sell the bmp4k and a kidney. i thought kaylee's dog was big but that thing is huge

haha yeah... the caucasian mtn dogs can get huge, but the big male in the above video is 160-170lbs according to the owner... my doggee Jasper is 176lbs, so it's like Jasper with fur lol. but they look like german shepherds crossed with bears ?  the caucasian shepherd above is gonna grow tho, even after 2 years he'll fill out a lot and prolly be around 200lbs ?

also, its true that one day someones gonna make a hello kitty branded camera and im gonna buy it


do u think this thing shoots prores


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