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Why Is Sony Fanboyism So Bad?


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Well if we had an award for the Stupidest new person on here you would win first, second, and third place hands down LoL. Go back to DPR.

Sony's marketing focuses on Specs because that is where they are on top. I think this generates a very negative attitude toward other photographers as a byproduct. Other products are "inferior" 

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On 1/11/2019 at 4:08 PM, IronFilm said:

They had a lot of hacker support for 360VR which was their appeal for me. 


ah i see. i think i have seen a bit of 360 vr with 4,5 or 6 gopros strapped together and the results stitched together to make 360 vr i presume thats similar to what your doing ?

edit : sorry to the fanboys for going off topic.....

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20 hours ago, Emanuel said:

These days Nikon boys apply : D I thought I was a Nikkor one of them... LOL : -)

i have two older nikons,  two older canons  and two gopros and a bm p4k which isn't here yet   i'm confused.... not sure which camp i belong in   ?

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2 hours ago, IronFilm said:

Nah, Canon fanboy trolls are the worst!

Not according to the Poll I did with 4000 answers. Nor according to the discussion on that FB group. And just by looking at this forum its easy to see that Canon users are constantly jumped on but if a Canon user says even a slightly negative thing, factual or subjective, about another brand all hell breaks loose. There are of course fanboys in all camps but a couple of brands definitely sticks out. Honestly, I dont believe that you believe it.

Lately Ive been thinking about encouraging Canon, Pentax and Nikon users to take a stand. Because the debates are so crazy when the Canikon users talks calmly and states facts and opinions about the gear and the Fanboy only responds with things like "idiot" or "stupid". On this forum alone its been so long with effortless diplomacy that Canikon users might as well try using the same rhetoric and see if that somehow opens Fanboys eyes to the fact that everyone has different needs.

For example: The EOS-R vs Sony A7iii
I bought the R and am thinking about buying one for the company I work for because it gives me the features I need and sadly, the Sony doesn't have them. But when saying things like that the response is often "idiot" or "zombie" or something similar.

So instead I can try the Sony approach and say that its because,
"The Sony A7iii is an underspeced, overpriced hunk of absolute garbage and only a true shill and apologist would buy one. Sony wine and dine the entire youtube at least once a week and zombies buy it because of the badge on the body. Nothing else."

I want to believe that that sort of nonsense wouldn't be constructive. Imo all cameras have strengths and weaknesses and all cameras are not built for "me". The A7 for example is a master piece imo. But maybe its time to try something different because the current state just brings everything down. Its tiring to read the same bicker over and over. Read a question from a noob asking what setting to use only to see him being jumped on by a bunch of Fanboys from another brand.

(NOTE: Im mostly a Panasonic and Fuji user. Then Sony. Currently I have a Panasonic, a Fuji and a Canon.)


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I enjoy using A7III a lot but I surely don't enjoy the Sony community by far for the few months I m in... the most like/commented stuff on a7iii group is open box photos, most asked questions is Tamron 28-75 (seems like you are not really in the group if you dont own a Tamron).  The latest one was Sony fanboy recommend A7II with adapter over Canon EOS-RP on every RP videos/thread out there but no body who are at Sony land is buying a7II themselves as they know how shitty A7II is really are.


Anyway once I got S1 I am ready to quit all Sony group and sell A7III, seems like I am incompatible with Sony Vibe. And majority of my friend on the industry don't use Sony.. they are either Canon or Panasonic or Blackmagic, while online it seems like everyone and their mum all have a7III

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Just go back a few years and see all the negative stuff about Sony and why Canon and Nikon were ever so much better.     Now, the SAME things from Canon and Nikon are like, meh, so what.    Nah, they are all as bad as each other. (Currently I do not have a working Sony camera and I have four working Canon cameras among others but I would still prefer a Sony for MY uses).


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55 minutes ago, noone said:

And yet if you look at the new Sony 135 1.8 lens, there are any number of anti-Sony people posting on THAT.   Go figure.


I read a review about that lens - "But as far as the test goes, the results are pretty simple. This is the sharpest lens we’ve tested. Period" The Truth hurts. 


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10 hours ago, ntblowz said:

DPreview just posted their work in progress review of RP and Sony fanboy are already in full swing mode LOL, why waste time on reading and commenting on product that you dont like and wont buy and then commenting what a waste of their time.


They have nothing better to do while recharging the batteries for the seventh time that day ;)

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