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For sale: Iscorama 54


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Can any Users that were in communication with Ralf (Erjot) Juergens about this lens, please PM me as I am officially opening and investigation about this thief.  I am trying to collect as much information available about him as possible to report to authorities.  As well as if anyone has dealt with this kind of fraud before, any suggestions will be welcomed..

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Damn nasty business!

As Andrew said, only 3 posts - perhaps there should be a ban on selling or at least some safe-guards put into place?


But still common sense should still be the order of the day when spend a few grand, only buy if you can meet up with the seller.

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Same guy as on DVXUser I hear.


These things are very rare, but a reminder to be careful. NEVER use wire transfer. Try to close the deal via PayPal or an eBay Buy It Now page. Ask to see eBay feedback or at the very least a photo of the lens with their forum username written on paper alongside it.


This is very easy to do.


Carry on dealing, just use the basic checks.

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  • Administrators

Can any Users that were in communication with Ralf (Erjot) Juergens about this lens, please PM me as I am officially opening and investigation about this thief.  I am trying to collect as much information available about him as possible to report to authorities.  As well as if anyone has dealt with this kind of fraud before, any suggestions will be welcomed..


Let me know if you need anything from the admin panel - like IP address, etc.


This guy was a new user here, this was his first post. That should be another warning. Only deal with people who have a history of genuine posts and contributions!


I also recommend asking for some form of ID and an address if you are dealing in large sums of money.


I'm going to put a page up with some basic rules. Forums are not eBay so you must be more careful.


Hope anyone who has been stung gets to the bottom of this.

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Stan: yes it was a scam.



If this is the same guy as on the dvx forums, he was so pissed i got his listings shut down he made the mistake of calling to try and harass me and I actually spoke to him. I also wrote down his number at home (i'll hand it over tonight), should be pretty easy for the police to get his info. He's in GA.

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Well, folks, what can I say...


In terms of professionally conducting a lens auction I obviously won´t be the winner of the "Mr. Ebay-Award 2013".


I would like to sincerely apologize to all parties involved, and also to Andrew who must have gained the impression that his fine website and the discussion platform are being used for shady deals...


Which was not at all the case.


It was just me trying to conduct an effective auction to get the best possible price for a very beautiful lens. And I failed miserably at the first part of that.


Again, no bad intentions on my part. I had thought that I could stay on top of the influx of offers and counter-offers while at the same time working 12-14 hours a day on the weekend and before. I accepted offers and money transfers prematurely. But the involved person from Califonia will get his money back in the full right away ASAP. I can not however take away the emotional stress inflicted on a great guy and top professional. And for that I would also like to apologize.


The highest offer was from Milano and I just asked the person involved If he is still willing to go through with the deal. If he does, the lens will be with DHL tomorrow morning and on its way to Italy. If he declines I will again offer the lens to the next highest bidder ASAP. etc.


Again, I´m really sorry and I will have to accept each and any angry comment made here or still coming.




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Don't believe this horseshit for a second. I've seen the email transcripts he was trying to solicit as much money via western union from as many people as possible. He is just back pedaling now because he realizes I have his phone number and location from the dvx forum.


If you sent him money via western union, go to the police, submit a fraud report with WU, get your money back that way and get this guy charged with wire fraud as he deserves it.


"Ralf": once you post the package this morning, why not put the tracking number up here so we can see it moving from Germany to Italy?

you cant because you are located in GA, in the states and there is no Italian buyer. Prove me wrong.


I'll PM those who were fleeced his phone details tonight, i have them on a post it at home.

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Sorry Paulio, don´t really know what you´re talking about... but if the italian buyer allows it, I will post the tracking number of the package here... and I´m definitely not from the US...  not from Georgia (although I love me some good peaches)... and I have never ever offered anything on the DVX forum...


Heck, this is the first time I have auctioned ANYTHING online... and see how well that went...


(From now on it´s probably ebay or the highway, I´d say...)


But my apologies to you as well. I was being totally unprofessional.

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To all the persons involved directly with this story.
I'm the italian guy who paid for the lens.
Due to the posts in this forum, until this afternoon I was sure to be a victim of the scam from Ralf. Today I tried to stop the wire transfer that I sent him but the bank told me it was too late. As a last try, I decided to contact Ralf to ask him my money back.

He told me the same story as at the post #28 above here.

I'm not 100% sure that is the truth but please try to be objective with this guy.
I ask you to post here only the facts from persons who have sent him money.

- On monday morning Ralf told me I was the winner of the bidding race so I sent him a wire transfer
- On monday evening I read the posts on the forum,I freaked out and I registered an account here to contact the persons involved
- On tuesday morning I tried to stop the transaction of my money but It was too late
- On tuesday afternoon I contact Ralf and he told me that he was not a scammer, I am truly the winner, he received the money but If I want the money back he would return it. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes!!)
- soon after, I askd him a photo of the lens with my email written in a piece of paper, as proof he has the isco, at least.
-He sent me the photo as requested


As I told you I'm not 100% sure that he is telling the truth but he has my money and I can't do anything else exept wait and see if he will send me the lens.

I will post here all the further steps of this story.

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Yep, and that sums it up pretty much...


Stan, Paulio asked that we post the tracking number of the DHL package here... if you don´t object let´s just do this to proof that the lens will be on its way to Italy tomorrow... no scam, no fraud... just a terribly handled auction...

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I would call accepting wire transfers from 2 people and soliciting one from a 3rd over the course of a week a scam, not an "auction".  There was no response, admission of guilt or offers of refunds from ralf until his contact details and being reported for fraud came up. Up until I called him out he had promised me the lens, I have rcorrel's email transcripts and he was leading him to believe the same at the same time, and clearly you too. He was not too busy, he was trying to scam. This guy is just trying to weasel his way out now he is busted.


Have some principle,  get your money back if you can and file a report.

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