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  1. I tell you my experience here. I was watching around for an iscorama for along time, couple of years. A week ago I found this forum through google and in particular this topic. I registered to partecipate at the forum, I won the iscorama from Erjot and than, suddenly, all went crazy. In my opinion all the mess was caused by different time zones. All the suggestions from the administrators about selling and buying are clear and easy to find here. Maybe the sellers should define a closing time for the bidding, to avoid the misunderstandings like the one that happened here. If you don't want to buy or sell something in a forum, well, there are plenty of other topics here. Keep this space as open as possible, because doing so it brings people into the comunity and this is, generally, great.
  2. After a couple of days of fear and misunderstandings, it seems that all the money was refunded at the wrong winners and the lens is here. There was no scam!!!   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:539]
  3. I'm really sorry I have to go to sleep. I hope for an update from all the persons who really put money in this story.
  4. To testify the truth I will post here a photo with my happy face near the lens... ... or my sad face with the brick!!!
  5. Yes I agree but please blur the last part of the address ( street and  n.).
  6. To all the persons involved directly with this story. I'm the italian guy who paid for the lens. Due to the posts in this forum, until this afternoon I was sure to be a victim of the scam from Ralf. Today I tried to stop the wire transfer that I sent him but the bank told me it was too late. As a last try, I decided to contact Ralf to ask him my money back. He told me the same story as at the post #28 above here. I'm not 100% sure that is the truth but please try to be objective with this guy. I ask you to post here only the facts from persons who have sent him money. - On monday morning Ralf told me I was the winner of the bidding race so I sent him a wire transfer - On monday evening I read the posts on the forum,I freaked out and I registered an account here to contact the persons involved - On tuesday morning I tried to stop the transaction of my money but It was too late - On tuesday afternoon I contact Ralf and he told me that he was not a scammer, I am truly the winner, he received the money but If I want the money back he would return it. (Sorry for my grammar mistakes!!) - soon after, I askd him a photo of the lens with my email written in a piece of paper, as proof he has the isco, at least. -He sent me the photo as requested   As I told you I'm not 100% sure that he is telling the truth but he has my money and I can't do anything else exept wait and see if he will send me the lens. I will post here all the further steps of this story.
  7. Is it a scam? more than one person paid for it?
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