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  1. Fine. Investigate away...   Yawn...   (This whole thing is really getting sillier by the hour minute...)     And If you believe a crime has taken place I have some beach front property in western Georgia, US  to sell to you...
  2. @ Ryan: No, it was never a close call, because there was zero intention to defraud you. I didn´t even read this thread, before Stan told me about it in a private email... so it was not the angry or any other reaction of the posters here that "made me send you the money back..."   @ Andrew: Your advice to Stan is bordering on the silly...   Oh well...
  3. Well, time out for me, too... I´ll have a package to send to Italy and money to transfer to California in the morning... Good night.     Kirk out.
  4. This whole sordid affair is just proof that it´s totally nuts to try to run a fair auction without ebay across half a dozen time zones, with not enough time to really sort these things out...
  5. I´m sorry that you believe that... but it doesn´t change the fact that it´s not the case at all...
  6. ... but I didn´t expect THE SPANISH INQUISITION....!   (Chorus: "Nobody expects... " etc.etc.)
  7. ...ok Paulio... we all see that you are pretty angry with me... maybe even understandably so...
  8. Ok, but will the tracking number not provide anyone with that exact info once you put it into the DHL website?
  9. Yep, and that sums it up pretty much...   Stan, Paulio asked that we post the tracking number of the DHL package here... if you don´t object let´s just do this to proof that the lens will be on its way to Italy tomorrow... no scam, no fraud... just a terribly handled auction...
  10. Yeah, but would you please elaborate on that dvx scam thing...?
  11. Well, no bullshit, but go ahead. But that DVX thing is intriguing... who do you say I am? A man from Georgia starting scams on the dvx forum? Please tell more...  
  12. Sorry Paulio, don´t really know what you´re talking about... but if the italian buyer allows it, I will post the tracking number of the package here... and I´m definitely not from the US...  not from Georgia (although I love me some good peaches)... and I have never ever offered anything on the DVX forum...   Heck, this is the first time I have auctioned ANYTHING online... and see how well that went...   (From now on it´s probably ebay or the highway, I´d say...)   But my apologies to you as well. I was being totally unprofessional.
  13. Well, folks, what can I say...   In terms of professionally conducting a lens auction I obviously won´t be the winner of the "Mr. Ebay-Award 2013".   I would like to sincerely apologize to all parties involved, and also to Andrew who must have gained the impression that his fine website and the discussion platform are being used for shady deals...   Which was not at all the case.   It was just me trying to conduct an effective auction to get the best possible price for a very beautiful lens. And I failed miserably at the first part of that.   Again, no bad intentions on my part. I had thought that I could stay on top of the influx of offers and counter-offers while at the same time working 12-14 hours a day on the weekend and before. I accepted offers and money transfers prematurely. But the involved person from Califonia will get his money back in the full right away ASAP. I can not however take away the emotional stress inflicted on a great guy and top professional. And for that I would also like to apologize.   The highest offer was from Milano and I just asked the person involved If he is still willing to go through with the deal. If he does, the lens will be with DHL tomorrow morning and on its way to Italy. If he declines I will again offer the lens to the next highest bidder ASAP. etc.   Again, I´m really sorry and I will have to accept each and any angry comment made here or still coming.   Cheers Erjot
  14. Update: The best offer is now at 2200 Euros...
  15. One more photo of the Isorama 54   best offer is now at 2100 Euros  
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