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The absolutely mega Olympus E-M10 III - Oversampled 4.6K no crop 5 axis IBIS for $500!

Andrew Reid

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Can I make a small request. If you see a post you want to comment on and it has, like 6 massive images, do us all a favour - don't quote, just reply under it and mention the username. We don't need to scroll through 20 of the same images on one page, thanks!

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On ‎10‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 4:02 AM, TiJoBa said:

Some footage shot last month. After shooting with this little camera for a few days - my GH5 feels like a brick.

Camera Settings
Picture Profile - Muted, Sharpness -2, Saturation +1
White Balance - Sunny
IBIS - Sensor shift only
No grade - file straight out of camera

Lens - Olympus 17mm f1.8

This looks great for being straight out of camera. Very pleasing colors. 

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3 hours ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

I really like this camera, though I am hesitant to just wait and save for an Olympus camera that has PDAF.

You can buy a used Oly EM1 that has PDAF for less than 500 bucks. Even works great with the old 4/3 lenses. Not much of a video camera though. EM1 mk II is not too bad at video,. Not a GH5 by any means, but..

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It was shot in Zlog at 60 p and I recorded internally but monitored through a BlackMagic Video Assist 4K on a Zhiyun M gimbal.  

The ZCam E1 has all the components a cinematographer needs (besides IBIS). Actually the BBC used the E1 for three years as an in the vehicle camera for “Top Gear”. Truly impressive! I’ll be using two of the E1’s I own for some other projects, but I’m going to start shooting more with the Eva1. I’ve  had it for months and only filmed with it once. I’ve been using the LS300 because it’s just so easy to pick up and go, plus the images I get out of it is one of the best!

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13 minutes ago, Andrew Reid said:

No need to get an EM5 II now the E-M10 III exists though. It's way better for video.

I was about to order a gx85 because i thought it would be a good fit for a specific project but then i read your write-up on the e-m10iii and got it instead. Loving it! 

5 minutes ago, webrunner5 said:

Yeah never thought about it that way LoL. Olympus in the end just seems to give cameras away. I have no clue how they make money. Even Endoscopes are becoming a thing of a past with better imaging. I don't see how they can last.

Yeah, their e-pl series are some stylish little bastards and they always seem to go for $2-300 after just a little while.

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