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The new Blackmagic RAW Codec

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fixed pattern noise is very, very much reduced motion is better highlight roll off is better this is a HUGE upgrade to the UMP:   I did a test below:   come on vimeo

Isn't this some Pied Piper, middle out kind of ish?

We're all going to be shooting Brawley soon not just me!

Posted Images

I know.

To download the studio version I need my serial number. Do I need to keep it handy and download that version, or will the free version pick up my info when I install it and 'unlock' more stuff?

EDIT: On further inspection, there's a small 'Download Only' option for the studio version. So to answer my own question - no you don't need to keep the serial handy.

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On 11/19/2018 at 2:18 PM, Anaconda_ said:

On a side note - what's the easiest way to update Resovle? Download, uninstall and reinstall? I can't find any update buttons.

Something worth considering is that the Studio versions from the App Store and with the hardware dongle are slightly different - the App Store one has a few less features.  My understanding is that they're criteria from Apple, but basically it's (slightly) crippled.

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On 2/12/2019 at 5:03 AM, Anaconda_ said:

This is purely hypothetical, but I thought it might be interesting.

The Nikon Z cameras can (or will be able to) output RAW to record to ProRes Raw on Atomos recorders. If BMD should implement Braw into their Video Assist recorders, could that theoretically record Braw from the Nikons? 

BMD just released  the new Video Assist and it opens  Braw to any camera that has sdi or hdmi raw output. But the sensors must first be profiled by BMD. So theoretically the Nikon 6 /7 should be able to use the new bmd  however the n7 needs additional hardware. The 7 inch VA includes two xlr inputs and a mixer to add audio .

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I was glad to hear about the 12g SDI raw output by blackmagic design!

But I have some doubts can someone help me clear this!?

1. SDI and HDMI, data rates comparison and how much output it can give you in terms of bit depth (12bit, 14bit, 16bit.)?

2. Is it possible to provide SDI output directly from mirrorless cameras instead of any other additional modules?

3. It seems SDI is superior over HDMI cables in terms of a)robustness (locking mechanism) , b)distance of signal transmission and c)almost similar price of atomos HDMI cable! 

Why are SDI cables professional and HDMI cables consumer? 

why are camera manufacturers preferring HDMI cables???????


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