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Can we all just have a big f***ing laugh about this...

Andrew Reid

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14 minutes ago, Mattias Burling said:

I remember when NAB, Photokina, etc made forums a fun place.

I feel the forum is still a fun place. 

Just I need to skim (but I always slow down for yours Mattias!) a bit faster over some other posts, merely because all these mirrorless camera announcements has lead to an EXPLOSION OF POSTS. 

Have we ever recently seen so many major developments from so many brands in so short a time?

Nikon mirrorless announced. 
Canon mirrorless announced. 
New Fujifilm camera, their best ever for video. (from a company you'd never have expected this from only a couple of years ago!) 
Panasonic FF rumored around the corner?
BMPCC4K shipping.  
Kinefinity's Mavo LF ("Large Format") specs and price was revealed.
RED's smartphone has shipped. 

All in the space of a few days!

Just need to get a few more to come on and we'd be complete!

What is Pentax up to, bringing out a digital Pentax 645 with decent video and at an acceptable price? Ha, if only! 
What about Sigma or Olympus? JVC?
Ha, what if Samsung returned! That would really throw the cat among the pigeons!

Arri and Sony are the biggest players I haven't mentioned yet, but Sony is meant to have either the a7Smk3 or a pro grade APS-C mirrorless coming soon. And the Arri Alexa LF could perhaps be added into my earlier list. 

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EOSHD Pro Color 5 for Sony cameras EOSHD Z LOG for Nikon CamerasEOSHD C-LOG and Film Profiles for All Canon DSLRs

I feel like everyone keeps missing the most important fact... How is the 1080P?! I had a c100 and the 1080P was absolutely gorgeous! 1080P downsampled from 4k in camera is freaking sharp! The X-T2 and X-H1 also oversamples 4k in camera and produces sharp 1080P. The same with the GH5... Will this 1080P be same the same old Canon? "Great Color Science" but soft 1080P? It's been this way since the 5dmkii, minus the cinema line...

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On ‎9‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 3:56 PM, Andrew Reid said:

eos r pricing.jpg

Posted before but it needs some kind of sticky!!

If you want a native 50mm - $2299 + TAX or £2350 in UK


The 28-70mm F2 which is useless in video mode... $3K!!

That is $5.3k gone on lenses, before you've even factored in the body.

Are the EOS R fans out there seriously considering investing $7.6K straight off the bat just to get shooting?

I am wondering why so few are talking about this... Surely, you want the native lenses. You don't want to be stuck with adapters. That's something Sony users do, not Canon users! You want the silent autofocus. Dual Pixel AF gets very noisy shooting video with EF lenses.

Whether you love the EOS R or not, don't care about video and only plan to shoot stills...these prices are eye-watering.

So what are people gonna do... stop at a 24-105? I don't think so.

EF lenses are apparently a must-have prerequisite for owning an EOS R! So is the adapter... but the adapter you want - variable ND drop in - is not even available yet.

Why does it take until February to get such a simple thing out of the factory?

And what if you are a Sony, Panasonic, Fuji or Nikon user considering a switch to the EOS R and you have no EF lenses? You will have a 44mm flange on your mirrorless camera and a wobbly adapter, plus a lot of money missing (gone on old Canon DSLR lenses with noisy AF motors).

The lack of affordable prime lenses is a massive mistake.

Meanwhile, this all gives Sony an advantage... i.e. people actually own native E mount lenses and so they can actually shoot with native glass on their cameras, whilst nearly everybody is shooting EF lenses on the R system!!

They seem to like the number 9, lol. $99.99 for the adapter? Why not make it $100? Do they think we are that stupid that we would be swayed by a penny?

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1 hour ago, gelaxstudio said:

What’s confirmed:
1) Sony pro camcorder launch on September 14

The main relevance to me is: how much lower can the Sony FS700's price sink once a new camera is announced? ?


Probably not much lower! US$1.5K might be its floor for now 

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