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Canon 5D mark iii RAW video 2018


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1 hour ago, Stathman said:

You should see something like this (attached file)

MLVFS option under services.



Thanks Stathman... as I expected... user error. I went back and downloaded everything again and now it’s working brilliantly. I have some reading to do but it seems pretty amazing  I don’t know why I’ve been fighting this.

I suppose the “local host” is a good way to preview your clips and see the metadata before opening in Resolve? But I noticed there are some fixes you can do... pixel fix, vertical line fix, etc... I didn’t click any of these before opening in Resolve... do you recommend I do?

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13 hours ago, Mark Romero 2 said:


Is it insane in a good or bad way??? Would love to see any footage. I am using the free version of resolve so no built in noise reduction, but would certainly upgrade to the paid version in order to get awesome noise reduction.

Maybe one day i'll do a quick comparison between Neat Video and the built in NR of Resolve. Of course in a good way, and NR with Raw footage is even more effective.

Long time ago i tested if it's better to filter noise in ACR, but it's not, Temporal NR is much more effective then spatial

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Anyone using MLV Mystic? I've been using it ever since I started messing with ML (which is probably since like 2014/15) and I never switched bcuz I've never had any issues with it, but is there anything I'm missing out on as far as the quality of MLV Mystic's raw file conversion vs other programs?

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Yeah it is ! I love it ! 

For the upscaling I upscale the image to 4K, denoise it, sharpen to preserve detail then add grain to the image. You have to be extremely careful with the sharpening though because it is easy for haloing artifacts to show up. For my next test I will upscale it without the grain because web compression hates grain ?


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