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The Diopter Thread.

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In the end, we never stop talking about these suckers across multiple threads, so I'm gonna try to compile as much information as I can into this one.   As in most cases, diopters are cheaper than a

Hi all, Inspired by Tito and Bold and their anamorphic Lens-cyclopedia, I decided to try and make a list of low power diopters useful for anamorphic video. Using the info in this thread and searching

Well done, man! +0.25 is hard to get! I have this minolta, it's almost the same as the Tokina +0.4, except it's +0.33 http://www.ebay.com/itm/111827493087

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Has anyone used the new SLR magic achromatic diopters?  Most people posting about them are using them with the anamorphot and that is not my interest, I want to use them with my Lomo squarefronts.  The only review I found of them is one on adorama that is 1-star and says they're trash.  But that really isn't much to go on.


Any consensus yet?

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I just realized you're the one who was selling the set of tiffen series 9 diopters on Ebay!  I should have bought those.... Sad face.  Now I'm piecing a set together and it'll cost at least twice that.


But seriously, has anyone tried out the SLR magic acrhomat diopters yet!  HELP!


If they are even a small upgrade over the tiffen series 9 I would buy a set for sure. My fear is that they'll soften (which is the complaint of the adorama review).  I love the look of my lomos but I don't want to go any softer than they already are.


By the way, the tiffen series 9 and schneider series 9 diopters are not doublets right?  Just looking at it in my hand it seems to be one piece (tiffen), but I'm not sure.  I know schneider makes a set of large doublet diopters but they are prohibitively expensive, at least for the moment.

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Must the diopter be placed right up against the front element of the anamorphic? Or can I place it front with .5-1 inch of space? The reason is I am shooting on a Schneider Kreuznach and the crazy metal protrusion in the front as well as a focusing screw prevents me from placing a round filter up agains the front.

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Does it really matter if your using achromatic diopters vs close up diopters/lens? What differs, aside from allowing closer focus.


I'm starting think if I should return the SLR achromatics, for close-ups from Hoya/Tiffen, etc. Although I haven't tried the SLR yet since I'm still waiting for it in the mail.


What do you guys think?

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That is basically what we're getting at.  "is it worth it?"


Some achromat's are worth it others *might not be.   We don't know.


I can tell you that we do some macro work with diopters at the studio that I work at and we get some nasty color fringing.  I'm not sure which brand they're using, but its not achromatic, meanwhile I've liked the results from my Tiffen series 9's.


It's explained in depth and better some other places, but the basic thinking behind using achromat's with anamorphics is this...  An anamorphic lens of any kind is essentially an adapter, same as a diopter.  There are a number of problems caused by using each of them in common.  Achromatic diopters work to correct those short comings in close photography, but in doing they inadvertantly correct those same flaws in anamorphic photography.  Giving sharper less distorted images (undesireable distortion that is).


So you see the point of using achromats on anamorphics often has nothing to do with close photography (though they go well together because you so often use diopters precisely for close-ups when shooting anamorphic).  That's why the low power diopters are popular, such as the tokina +.4 (and now, potentially, the SLR magic +.33).


But as to whether or not the SLR magic diopters are "worth it."  That's what I'm asking. They're new so there isn't a lot of information or quality tests available yet.


So get shooting and post something!

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Well according to UPS I'm suppose to receiving it today. I'll do some tests with it.

But what should I be looking for specifically when I do these tests? Like sharpness, softness, distortion, etc.?

Since I don't have experience with using close up filters/diopters. But I do understand their uses.

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Alright guys, sorry for the long wait. So here's a quick test I just did earlier today using my GH4, Isco 2x, 55mm, SLR magic 0.33x and 1.33x diopters. I can honestly say, it definitely makes a huge difference for close focus, and it's very sharp. I'm very satisfied about purchasing these.


SLR 1.33x diopter



SLR 0.33x diopter

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Hi guys,

I owned a LA7200 and currently researching ways to have diopter rig on it.

I found the easy solution here; http://www.stronzvanderploeg.net/anamorphic-shooting-with-the-la7200-part-3/#comment-112

Which is buying 86mm diopters ($19) ; http://www.ebay.com/itm/310829145416

And then use a step down ring of 105mm to 86mm, that the 105mm sits perfectly at the LA7200.

But the problem is; that it's impossible to find that step down.

My question is would the step up 86mm-105mm ($7) work? http://www.ebay.com/itm/151037727008

I've asked the seller of the Vivitar Series 1 diopters and they said the diopters do have Front threads on them, thus I can just screw them on the step-up rings.

Guys, you think it'll work? Or is there any better solution/budget that guys can recommend me to get my LA7200 to work properly?

Thanks in advance...

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FYI, I made my 16H with a step ring for using 67mm filter lens.  But I need to machine the ring a little bigger to fit lens front and glue the ring.  

You should check the ring size is correct for your lens.



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Forgive me if this is a stupid question as I still don't completely understand the topic. I know that achromatic filters are of much higher quality, but also much higher price. So how usable are normal macro filters like the cheap Vivitar ones or these even cheaper ones from China:




Also, what size would be best to avoid distortion at the corners?

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    • By DIGICHombre
      eBay Listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/112426475899?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
      Superb close focus lens filter / diopter. Size 72mm filter thread. Increases minimum focus distance in front of lens. Same result as a macro lens or macro extension tube. Purchased 2, selling 2. Both in excellent condition. No scratches or dings. Threads perfectly in tact.
      These are the non-bayonet A9FB version, that come in 72mm filter size. 
      I sought this filter out specifically for shooting video on modified anamorphic lens adapters. Vintage anamorphic lenses typically are handicapped by close focus distances of over 1 meter or more. Stacking 1 or more close-up diopters on the end of your anamorphic can decrease this minimum focus distance. Stacking multiple diopters on top of one another will minimize this close-up focus distance even further, without noticeable distortion.
      +1 lens filter equals roughly .8 meter minimum focus distance.
      +2 lens filter equals roughly .5 meter minimum focus distance.
      These are also wide & slim enough o they don't produce a dark vignette in the edge of the frame. I used step-up/step-down rings to mount to my lens.
      *Be aware you won't be able to rack focus very far, or focus to infinity with this on. It is not a one size fits all solution.
      I'm told these adapters replicate what a Tokina +.4 achromat diopter can do at much less the price.
      Payment via PayPal only. Questions welcome.

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      Hi Guys,
                   I'm looking to purchase a set of Voigtlander 95mm Focar A or B diopters to use with an Iscorama 54. Hoping someone has a set for sale as Ebay hasn't listed any lately. I just joined the forum after reading the posts for quite some time. Thanks in advance.
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      Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a Helios 44m-7 lens.  I don't trust ebay with this lens as it looks like most are switched plate fakes, unless you know of a reputable seller with one.  Also looking to pick up a Tokina +0.4 Diopter, if anyone would like to part with theirs.  Thanks!
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      Selling some lomo and foton diopters, photos  on request 
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      Can some explain to me why +0.4 and +0.5 diopters are more desirable than +1 diopters? Are +1 diopters terrible? I would assume using +1 would grant the user the the option of being able to shoot at the distance a +0.5 allows and closer since its +1. Maybe someone can enlighten me on the pros and cons of each diopter strength.

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