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  1. Bit silly really. Majority of those app purchases are not photo/video related (game apps). Of the ones that are, a very high percentage are from demographics who wouldn't be purchasing DSLRs anyway. Takes quite a bit of imagination to come up with a conclusion that instagram is killing 6D sales or whatever. I mean, if Canon DSLRs rocked iOS do you think people would flock to buy giant DSLRs all of the sudden? Like all the baby mammas and tweens who upload stuff 200x a day would be rocking DSLRs? No. Why would a casual user want to lug around a 800g body when you can have a tiny little phone that does everything? Has nothing to do with apps; everything to do with utility and form factor. Take away the apps and everyone still wants an iphone rather than a dslr... As far as sales sucking, IDK what the data is; but around the time of the 7D, 5DmkII, T2i I would expect sales to have been humungous; the recession was coming to an end (ended?), DSLRs were rocking awesome new video, etc... I'm guessing the sluggish sales today are similar to what sales were like pre T2i/7D, ie: "normal". As for sluggish technology... Well, I actually live in Silicon Valley. Yes it is bad in the sense that if you live in a poor neighborhood, your house is worth only 1 million. Or every asshole now has to drive an EV vehicle. Or you cannot eat at a restaurant without checking Yelp. Yeah, that all sucks. But on the flip side, most of the people are extremely intelligent/creative/hard working. So, for me it is shocking how archaic Canon is w/ respect to DSLRs. I mean wtf have they done in the last 5 years? Canon should have articulating screens on everything, purchase Magic Lantern and incorporate it, and develop a half way decent sensor. And after all that, figure out a way to load Android so that people can be more social with their DSLRs (like monitor live video/menus remotely, upload to instagram, etc..). I hope Tesla gets bored and starts making cameras.
  2. The point of the DSLR for video, is similar to why people use non professional LCD screens for color grading. Its "good enough". The day a DSLR is unable to capture beauty or emotion is when it will be obsolete for video.
  3. printing studios alone insure hasselblad won't go out of business.
  4. lol, I don't think Austria has anything to do with these lenses. :P It's a school of economic thought. So you have Keynesians who believe they can artificially fix inefficiencies in the market, and then you have "Austrians", who believe that in a free market, eventually stuff becomes efficient on its own. So a person from an Austrian school of thought would say " go ahead, price this lens at whatever price you want. $2,000 for all I care. Eventually the price will gravitate towards a proper price dictated by the market".
  5. May I suggest everyone reads some books on Austrian economic theory before they post their personal views on FM's pricing theories ITT.
  6. They keep making glass. I hope the recent onslaught of new lenses continues. If they start using Sony's sensors and implementing some useful video features (though ML guys will provide that anyway) into DSLRs it won't be fair. Not to mention the ML guys are always able to hack the bodies exceptionally well. It's really not the end of the world b/c Canon has the technology to make a great DSLR if they want to. Just look at what they can do with compression on the C100.
  7. Even though the glass is wider than most ,maybe 48mm on the taking side I still get vignetting right under 50mm on a crop sensor. I don't remember what I measured it to be, maybe if a lens is 46mm or so it won't vignette. But maybe I measured it to 49mm.. I don't remember. Helios is 58mm yeah? That will work fine on a crop, but not on FF. Also, because you have a focuser knob, focusing lock, and metal protruding on the front part of the Schnieder lens you can see that stuff if you go wide. So if you modify the lens (remove those parts, or something) you can maybe go even wider. Maybe tomorrow I'll test it out with a 18-55 kit to see the exact vignetting. Last night I saw a broken Schneider on ebay for $5. Looks like someone was trying to do some DIY that went wrong.
  8. Yup, got exact same one on my desk. Sharpest anamorphic I have tested out of Kowa, Singer, and a few others. Even the edges are sharp. No other projector lens anamorphic can beat it for resolution I don't think. Focusing system is lame, but if you are doing fixed shots, who cares :P
  9. Yeah, that's totally more important than the blur, or whatever else we were nitpicking. Although what do you expect from nerds: a beautiful woman is walking around in slow motion and we are stressing over DOF, DR and blur :lol: (at least I was).
  10. Not nearly as bad as that silly vid from NAB or whenever a few months ago. I'll take rolling shutter over inferior dynamic/low light ANY day of the week. You see the results of dynamic range/ low light performance in every shot. If there is some rolling shutter here and there (which can be fixed), big deal. There is a lot that can be done to fix rolling shutter. And minor rolling shutter does not infringe on most people's style of shooting. Though, if you hate spending time in after effects, I can understand one's disdain for rolling shutter!
  11. Doubt a tilt shift would produce such a fake looking blur. The DR looks alright so i don't think its an iphone. Doubt its an a7s due to the deep dof. So I'd say GH4.
  12. Amazing document you wrote Tito. Thanks.
  13. Some Indie artists didn't want to agree to YouTube's proposed contract to use YouTube's streaming services. It says 90% of artists have agreed. 10% have made the "stand". I guess they expect YouTube to compile a team of accountants or something to specially negotiate individuals contracts with thousands of indie artists. Something tells me these 10% will come crawling back eventually. I know I should be sympathetic to art and artists, but I don't understand why artists can never wrap their heads around capitalism. Google's job is maximize profits. This is the common expectation of shareholders, particularly for large cap publicly traded companies. If you don't want Google's hand in your pocket, don't use its service, and forge any benefits or costs assisted with it. The fact that 90% have signed the contract tells me the deal is probably fair?
  14. Looks more cinematic than the GH4. Though, idk if that is because of grading, cinematography, lighting. I have no horse in this race (I'm a Canon fanboy! :lol:). I can't believe people would sacrifice low light performance for less jello. Unless you specialize in filming trains, or out the window of a car I don't see how extreme rolling shutter is encountered on a frequent basis. And it can be mitigated in post. A low light monster has so much more artistic potential, jello or no jello.
  15. 18-55 is a bit flimsy, so you will need a rig that will support both your dslr and your anamorphic. I use a velbon spt-1. I use a tripod collar that dosn't fit the lens perfectly, so I wrapped the lens in a sock to fill in the gap. Cheapest solutions: schneider cinelux sankor 16c singer 16d 16c will be easiest to use, but has the worst IQ of the three (I own all three). 55mm will likely vignette with most 2x lenses. Also, the front element rotates when you focus on the 18-55 so it is impossible to use a clamp.
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