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  1. Okay, So I have shot both video and stills with my Singer 16D lens...would like to know how to unsqueeze footage in After Effects or Premiere Pro?? Also for stills, do I change the Pixel Aspect Ratio from Square to Anamorphic in Photoshop? Or should I be changing the image size by a percentage i.e. Multiply the focal length times the anamorphic length and increase the size by that percentage? Help!! :)
  2. Hey Guys, I am about to shoot some footage on my T3 with my Singer 16d. What do you use to unsqueeze the footage? Premiere Pro? I don't have Final Cut... Also, what's this about using Magic Lantern? What's the advantage?
  3. What does it mean when a lens has "coated optics?" Also, do I need any sort of filter, diopter or hood for my anamorphic lens?
  4. Ok so all together I've got the anamorphic lens, a prime lens with the Canon EF mount and a Redstan clamp to attach the anamorphic to the taking lens?
  5. SO I should get a zoom lens as my taking lens or just anything 85mm or greater? I've seen videos of the Helios 44 but they don't appear to have vignette... I want to be able to shoot close-ups and landscape shots....
  6. Thanks! I just ordered a Singer 16d so my next step is getting either a Helios or the Jupiter and a clamp What does M42 to EF adaptor mean? Also, I'm looking to do a mix of both close-up angles and landscapes. Which focal length would work better, 58mm or the 85mm? Do I need a diopter? Are there rings that allow for single focusing?
  7. I have a 18-55mm kit lens and a Canon T3 with which I shoot movies. I am interested in trying anamorphic DLSR filmmaking. I have already read the EOSHD guide and am looking to buy a lens but need to know: What kind of gear do I need? I read stuff about prime lenses, clamps, APS versus full-frame, squeezing in post and just don't know where to begin...
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