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  1. Thank you! In the case of these larger lenses projector lenses, their minimum focus distance is around 15m-20m and their maximum focal distance extends past infinity for the focal plane of the camera. Thats why shortening the distance is required for this lens. I recently came by a lot of well preserved yet massive anamorphics for basically nothing in auction, in their current state they are very impractical for filming but since I have so many I can hack away, experiment and adapt.
  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but the minus 2 or minus 4 diopter in this case is supposed to unsqueeze the 2X anamorphic into something closer to 1.33x. Also I believe in the diagram it is facing the wrong way to be a negative diopter. I am fascinated by this design, I wish there was more about it.
  3. Hi, this thread should give you some guidance on how to mount your elements to a bellows.
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