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  1. I'm sure I would be happier, but my bank account wouldn't be. I've been using a Canon 550d for six years. I think that even if the E-M10 isn't the best camera money can buy right now, it'll be a huge upgrade over the Canon. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  2. Yes. Featureless skies tend to band quite heavily. That's good to hear. I'm not usually a fan of heavy grading, so I doubt I would run into any issues.
  3. I have, hence why I'm here. But there seemed to be some compression artifacts when I downloaded the clip from Vimeo. That's why I prefer unedited footage straight from the camera.
  4. How would you say it compares with the old Cinestyle profile for Canon? I always found that while it made grading easier, the bitrate just wasn't there to support it and so there were too many artifacts.
  5. I'm looking at getting the E-M10 at some point in the near future. Is there a place I can find good sample clips? Most of the ones I've found so far have been rather poorly shot or are on Youtube an Vimeo and so are too compressed to properly judge. Does Andrew or anyone else here who's used it have any straight-out-of-camera clips they can share?
  6. I was at a Canon Roadshow event earlier this year and in the section where they talk about new products they discussed the 4K on the MkIV, and basically said all other manufacturer's 4K video was useless because they don't have Dual Pixel AF. I just thought that was ridiculous as cinematographers have been pulling focus manually far longer than they've been using AF. The only other thing they could seem to think of in Canon's favor was the fact that Sony and Panasonic don't sell their cameras here in South Africa.
  7. http://vimeo.com/116198217 I shot this the other day on what looked like it was going to be a wet and gloomy day. Instead I ended up with a bad sunburn. But it was worth it as I came back with some shots I liked and had a good time. I used a Canon 550d/T2i and a Sankor 16C. All the shots but one used a Pentax 50mm as the taking lens. One big problem I ran into was banding. Some of this I was able to correct with masking and blurring, but in future I'll know not to use Cinestyle for days like this.
  8. The specs certainly sound impressive. However, I want to know who at Samsung thought it would be a good idea to use the name "Backside illumination". Maybe it sounded better in Korean.
  9. Forgive me if this is a stupid question as I still don't completely understand the topic. I know that achromatic filters are of much higher quality, but also much higher price. So how usable are normal macro filters like the cheap Vivitar ones or these even cheaper ones from China: http://www.ebay.com/itm/52mm-52-Closeup-Close-Up-Macro-1-2-4-10-Filter-Kit-/300932412048?pt=Camera_Filters&hash=item4610f83290 Also, what size would be best to avoid distortion at the corners?
  10. That sounds expensive. It isn't serious on any of my lenses so hopefully it won't be a problem. It sounds like it could be worse for Anthony though.
  11. Nearly all of my lenses (anamorphic and normal) are old ones I've bought used and some of them have minor fungal marks. Would leaving them in the sun help?
  12. M42 is a type of lens mount that screws on to the camera. EF is the name of Canon's mount type. I bought a cheap $1.5 M42 to EF adapter which doesn't allow me to screw the lens in all the way so I would suggest spending a little more on that than I did.
  13. Cool. When it's been tightened all the way will the lens be level or do you have to unscrew it slightly to get the correct angle?
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