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  1. i have a question about those 4 1/2" round tiffen diopters. what adapter will i need if i want use these filters with an isco54, i saw this adapter rings on ebay, and want to know if these are the correct adapters for use with the isco54. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221282199532?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 thanks
  2. hi tony, i'd be interested in the +0.35 82mm and 82mm +0.25. can you tell me more about them? i currently have a +1 86mm diopter which covers around 1.5ft to 3ft. what's the focal distance of each one if paired with the isco54? im looking to find a weaker diopter that would cover 3ft to the minimum focous distance of the isco54 which is around 2m (6.5ft). edit: and your price for each? thanks.
  3. just bumping this if anyone has a +0.5 diopter around 82mm or greater they're selling. im in california, paypal preferred. thanks.
  4. whats the focal range (min to max) of a .25 diopter on an isco 54?
  5. good. more iscorama goodness for the faithful and commited! :)
  6. looking for a computer LCD monitor with custom scaling options where i can squeeze the incoming footage vertically or horizontally like those found in older CRT monitors. preferrably one with a vesa mount where i can use a c-stand. im planning on transffering the signal from the camera to the monitor via hdmi cable or some type of HDMI transmitter like the Nyrius Aries Wireles HDMI transmitter. thanks,
  7. i wouldn't recommend this method because if you dip it in hot water and you're not delicately handling the focus gear, you will most likelly lose the structural consistency of the focus gear where it will distort and bend. sean sent me two sizes, both differing in a fraction of a milimeter difference in diameter. the smaller one (he referred to it as #219) was a bit too difficult to wedge in, but the second one (#220) was easier to wedge it and out) the only issue was that #220 would slip when focusing, so instead of dipping #219 in hot water, i put some strip of gaf tape (you can use paint tape too) in the inner wall of the focus gear and it snugged perfectly. its tight enough where it grips the barrel of the lens and doesn't slip at all when focusing but conveniently easy to take it off if you need to. no messing around with hot water;just perfect.
  8. sweet good to know. ah yes, i forgot about keeping them as close as possible. i'll definitely have to do some testing. thank you
  9. I know the usual step to cut down light is to add ND filters inside a mattebox. but would adding an ND filter between the taking lens and and anamorphic lens, (mine is an iscorama 54) be a big no no? im looking a the Hoya ProND filters but the biggest size available is 82mm. thanks,
  10. helicoptersean over on ebay makes custom follow focus. I've been exchanging messages with him to get a properly fitted follow focus to fit on my iscorama 54. he has sent me a couple samples to see if it fits. he's super easy to work with and always answers your questions in a timely matter. he's sending me a final revision and i should be getting it any day now. if it works perfectly, i'll report back and that will most like be the model he'll be using for other people wanting a FF for the isco54 here's an earlier prototype of an earlier follow focus for an iscorama 54 he sent a couple of weeks ago. here's his ebay site to contact him. http://www.ebay.com/usr/helicoptersean
  11. i'll try this out, thanks!
  12. oh nice. thanks. how much do you squeeze the footage by vertically? 59%?
  13. anyone know the verticle squeeze of an isco 54? its not really 1.5x (75% y squeeze) but its closer to 1.4x, imo.
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