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Rumour - Canon C200 confirmed at Cinegear 2017

Dave Maze

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As people say, it will be placed between c100mkII and C300mkII, something between 6-8000euros (the old C100i and ii will lower their prices a bit, to fit the newcomer), and the new Panasonic may be at the same price range too and they will compete. An FS5ii must be due as well, it won't be able to compete with those new cameras. Exciting times, as Panasonic was out of the competition, and I was "bored" of the Canon and Sony offerings!

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3 isn't a great range scale for a rumour is it?

That only gets you from almost certainly true to could be true to no way is that true.

Or from Elvis is dead to Elvis is alive to Elvis is alive and spearheading an alien invasion of 9 foot cyborgs in rhinestone clad jumpsuits.

I might start a rumours site with a Spinal Tap scale where the rumours go up to 11.


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8 hours ago, Inazuma said:

Probably similar to the old C300 when it was new or Sony FS5... $5k region.

The old C300 was 12000$ when it was released, right? I really think it would make more sense to release a C200 in the 5K$ region, just like I believe it would make sense for the new "mini-varicam" that is going to be announced in June.

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13 minutes ago, DaveAltizer said:

Holy crap! So old! Haha. It's ridiculous how long Canon takes to move. 

Not really if you think about it. If the C100 Mk ii is selling good, then why update the model? Now it's time, I guess.

As easy as it is to release a new update every year, it cannot be a sustainable business plan for the likes of Sony. Even a two year cycle goes against tried and true product line development over the last 50 years. It really wasn't until electronic corporations that were cross marketing products between different divisions did this business model change and it only started happening in the past... 10 years or so. If Canon doesn't want to release a new camera every other second, they shouldn't have to just because Sony does. Slow and steady wins the race. 

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14 hours ago, ntblowz said:

Says Kodak or Nokia...


But not releasing new camera often means the camera doesn't depreciate fast, so good for us camera buyer in a way

I believe that Canon is feeling the pain right now with their lack of speed. Sony and Panasonic have kicked their butts on the low end and Canon HAS to catch up. This isn't the 80s anymore. I love the fact that Canon is getting some competition. Competition makes companies better. Yay Capitalism!

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