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Variable ND filters for video?

Ki Rin

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I have the Tiffen VND. Can't really tell much about it because its my only VND and I have no experience with other brands.
I do get a lot of flaring using it with the a6500. When facing bright light the light gets bounced from the sensor into the ND and then again to the sensor creating some weird flaring. 
Don't know if this happens with other filters as well though.

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On 3/28/2017 at 11:48 PM, dbp said:

Yep, same. Got the SLR-Magic MkII after rave reviews on bmcuser. Only downside is that 6 stops often isn't enough to shoot wide open on a sunny day, but there's really little to no hit on image quality, and the ergonomics are great. 


On 3/28/2017 at 10:56 PM, Parker said:

I like the SLR Magic much better (I have the original version, before they added the additional twisting polarizer thing on the front). But I just combined it with Xume magnetic filter holders so I can stick it on any lens I own in half a second, works fantastically. 


I am planning to get SLR Magic VND but I am a bit worried about two rings on such a thin body, doesn't polarization get turned accidentally when you just want to adjust the ND?

I have been using Hoya NDs for years and managed just fine, even though sometimes have had to compensate with a bit of aperture or shutter speed adjustment. However, with a longer run and gun project coming up with potentially frequent moving between indoor and outdoor locations, thought I should get a VND as an option.

Would the IR pollution be an issue for GH5?


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I have the simmod 82mm and didnt notice any color shift.

the leather pouch is nice.

The turning mechanism helps to position the filter so you have the small stick in the right spot and I guess it could be used to control the polarisation effect.

give it a try but be carefull if you position the filter to max settings it shows x pattern while on position 10 it is fine - does anyone knows if slr magic I or II works the same way?



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The slr doesn't seem to offer a range as wide as the others 

That Is a problem with the new cameras and high native iso

7 hours ago, Kisaha said:

What about this one? https://breakthrough.photography/products/x4-neutral-density?variant=30850759633

If it was available in Europe, I would defi itely buy it, now, there is a chance the custom fees to be as much as the filter.

The new Benro is supposedly very good also.

I'll buy it and if not happy with it i'll sell It to you when i come back ;)

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IME you have to spend big to get a VND without most of the common issues; softness with long lenses, flare and color shifting


If you spend money on good lenses, cameras etc why risk it by sticking 2 layers of cheap uncoated glass infront of it?

If these prices are out of your budget then I'd stick with a set of single strength ND filters (with multi coating)

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Yeah but they only go to 5 stops. Even the cheap ones do fairly good to 4 or 5 stops on average. It is when you push them to the max they get the X thingy. But yeah I am sure the Schneider-Kreuznach ones are top notch stuff that Ought to work well, and if you have the money they are the way to go if you can get by with that little of ND's.

I really don't think Any of the variable ones seem to work when you get up to 6 stops or more.

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1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

 really don't think Any of the variable ones seem to work when you get up to 6 stops or more.

That's why they have stop limits. If you are brave you can split the filter and remove the stops and get a bit more density range as long as you watch out for the X.

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1 hour ago, androidlad said:

based on ? they all claim to be the best.


i am more thinking getting single strengh filters, as yo ucan pile them it is maybe a better choice.

the question is what strengh to take... thinking 4-6 and 10 stops

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I would imagine there is a variation even in the good ones, who the hell they are LoL, that make it hard to get a good one or end up with a dud. But for the average stuff done on here I doubt it is too noticeable. I have had several variable ones and the cheapest one I have seems the best, go figure. I think unless you pay a 1000 bucks for one, no guarantee there either I bet, it is hit or miss.

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