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  1. So, you guys think that Canon's R5 & R6 announcement has nothing to do with this? I mean, is it possible that sony was caught off guard and the plans for the a7sIII no longer make sense so they have to go back to the drawing board... These new Canon cameras will surly impact Sony's mirrorless market share.
  2. If they are not crippled the R5 and R6 will be very expensive. I'm betting Sony will deliver slightly better specs than their current FF line up such as 4k10bit internal, 4k60, maybe 6k and release it at half the price of the competition.
  3. Maybe its true, they just didn't leaked the crop factor yet
  4. And deliver in Full Frame... I totally relate with your struggle with using manual lenses. Be aware that plenty of s1h owners might be using an external monitor so even though focus peaking is working they might not be using it in as much as you intend to. Thanks for sharing your experience with the S1, it confirms that it would be a awful purchase for me as well
  5. No punch in to check focus while recording... is this acceptable for a 4000$ video (hybrid) camera? Are we suppose to trust that pulsing, outdated AF technology, with native glass and be done with it? What's the point of having such a great EVF, and a fully articulated screen if you have to have an external monitor to make sure your focus is spot on?
  6. I wasn't aware that this wasn't possible on the GH5 or S1. This is a huge drawback for anyone using MF. I use it every time on the sony a6500 and its not something I can do without. The more I learn about this camera the less I care about it... ?
  7. All due respect Andrew, its hard to wrap my head around such limitation for a hight end camera coming from Panasonic. Its not the 180 rule that bothers me, it's why oh why is there such a limitation in the first place, and secondly, on the technical side, the dread of having clips auto exposing mid shot. ? Does the G9 or any other newer model have this control limitation (newer that my gh2)? Am I being too harsh on thinking panasonic is playing "the canon hand" here, and protecting the S1H sales... (which they are not, because most can't afford 4000 euros body only, and they will jus
  8. How about the slow motion limitations, has anyone manage to find how to have shutter and ISO control when recording at high frame rates? ?
  9. After using Resolve steadily now for more than 2 years I still find it a bit slower than premiere to do edit work, but the advantages are there and Resolve it is my go to NLE. The fact is I am so used to using the power windows and the color wheals on Resolve that doing color correction or color grading on premiere doesn't work for me no more. I haven't venture much into the fusion tab, and I got to go to AE for any kind of animation work, and for serious sound design or audio post I still go over cubase.
  10. They clearly wanted to be first at 6k... Just a marketing manoeuvre. 6k 3:2 ?? No prores, no phase detection, no ibis.. it almost makes the S1 look inexpensive.
  11. Also, according to S1 owners, they should add shutter speed control when shooting in slow motion...
  12. you guys saw this? https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/29/why-did-last-nights-game-of-thrones-look-so-bad-here-comes-the-science/?tpcc=ECFB2019&fbclid=IwAR3rmX7lCyC3OqZIx1ezvxDNyAxU26dY1QkP6ofpmT_K5vKNapes-F8U6aQ&guccounter=1&guce_referrer_us=aHR0cHM6Ly9sLmZhY2Vib29rLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_cs=AbJe0hqmHAY-446tUkrXyw The DP's choice to shoot it this dark would always have issues duo to HBO compression. The codec can't handle well grays so lots of detail got lost
  13. Can you please explain why? I usually go for handheld using vintage glass so I am clearly missing out. Thanks!
  14. Looks great, too bad is not really 50mm 1.2 due to crop factor...
  15. Its a shame the xt3 does not have IBIS. For handheld shotting with adapted vintage lenses, it won't cut it...
  16. I agree. I wouldn't be surprised or mad if I got some strikes in my account... Fair enough I tried creating a free account. Got to the part where I had to enter an SMS code, but I can't receive the SMS code. Tried twice. Will give it another chance later. Thanks
  17. For me vimeo is just a portfolio for wedding videos. I do use music that I do not own the rights for, and that was the main reason to use Vimeo as it could bypass facebook copyright algorithmic scan. Not anymore though... and for that reason, I'm no longer a premium account user. Is it expensive? having trouble creating an account
  18. In my opinion, I'm glad they haven't released the A7sIII. Otherwise, this post would be about how the camera falls short in comparison to other cameras. For me, the delay means they know that they need to keep improving to maintain market growth and they don't want to release an outdated camera. If they were Canon I am sure the camera would be out already and would not address the technological expectations costumers have for it (10bit 4k 60p) They have been delivering great products at a very fast rate these last years. The a7III is still a very new and good option for anyone look
  19. I shoot events on Sony a6500 with adapted glass most of the times. IBIS on the a6500 is bad in comparison to the GH5 but its fundamental to get any handheld out of it. I also use AFC with a 35mm sony lens for gimbal shots. If I was to buy a new camera in 2018, IBIS and AF are a must have for the kind of shooting I do. However, I can easily understand that other kinds of projects don't need IBIS or AF
  20. Ken posts almost every day. Many of his content is about lenses, cameras, and magnetism ... anyway there are also plenty of videos where he trashes other youtube channels such as Tony and Chelsea, Jason photography (who filed a lawsuit against him ?@) , Jared Polin, DPreview, Petapixel and also camera fanboys in general. @ Yurolov -50mm
  21. Ken, the "Angry Photographer" is great! Bought a few vintage lenses he recommended. In my eyes, Ken mentioning EOSHD is the best praise there is. Not sure he knows this is a more video oriented site because is not into video much... For those who don't know the channel here is a couple of my favorite videos: After some other channel made a (bad) tutorial on how to clean your camera: And on the new Nikon Z cameras
  22. I understand Dan. Thanks. I guess I was wrong.
  23. Sorry, which video? I get the point... just shocked at the evidence presented, and quite possible in denial
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