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Anamorphic Workflow - ISCO 1.75x with Canon 5D MkIII (85mm 1.2)


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I am new to the anamorphic arena - and I have some questions regarding workflow for you experienced and professional anamorphic guru's. 


Firstly, here's the gear I'm using:


Canon 5D Mark 3

Canon 85mm 1.2 II

ISCO 1.75x


Editing with Final Cut Pro 7


My first question is:    Aspect Ratio:  What is the correct aspect ratio for a 1.75x ISCO.  I'm confused as to how to calculate 16:9 with a 1.75x zoom... does this mean that my aspect ratio is 2.35:1? 


My second question: What is the proper workflow in order to edit anamorphic footage in fcp?  For example, once I've exported the H.264 footage recorded at 1080i24p into FCP, how do I squeeze the footage in order to use all the precious pixels at 16:9 with a 1.75x zoom?


My third question: Focusing.  Is it normal to not be able to focus my prime lens (manually) when the ISCO is attached?  It seems that I have to remove the ISCO lens in order to adjust focus.  Maybe there's something I'm missing with regards to the electronic mechanisms of the camera/lens that don't work with the ISCO? 


I have more questions, but these would be incredibly helpful if someone can help me with these questions. 


Thank you in advance!

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1: Just multiply the width of your frame by 1,75x (or divide the height by 1,75x) so in 1080p you should scale to either 3360x1080 or 1920x617, this will give you the correct aspect ratio: 3.1:1. Pretty wide indeed, if you want 2.35:1 you'll have to crop.


3: I'm not sure if the EF 85mm 1.2 has internal focus. If it doesn't that means the front of the lens moves during autofocus, in that case probably the weight of the anamorphic restrains the autofocus from moving the lens?

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That's great Julian!  Thank you for your response.


Anybody have anything on the workflow of how to squeeze the footage to 3.1:1 (or 3360x1080 or 1920x617)?  It seems that FCP has anamorphic settings... but in choosing say "DVCPRO 24p Anamorphic" in the settings... nothing happens in the viewer?


Or, do I have to great a 1920x617 aspect ratio using Motion - and then bring it into a new FCP project in order to edit at the 3.1:1 aspect ratio?

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Now I tend to frame while ignoring the far right and left of the screen, and crop to 2.66:1 or similar, when using  a 2x anamorphic which should be 3.56:1.


I other words, I make a sequence at 2872 *1080 (about 2.66:1), but drop in my footage and scale it 2X as this was type of lens it was shot on.


That crops the edges off for me, but I have everything in the right proportions with super stretchy bokeh and it looks lush. Also there is no vertical scaling.

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