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  1. Got my grubby mitts on a Kowa 1.75X and have been pretty impressed with the results so far. Minimum focus seems to be 40 inches without diopter.   I am currently re-aligning the optic assembly so that proper sharpness can be obtained, then re-setting the focus ring to engage properly (sounds scary, but it's a lovely and simple design that even I can understand...*smash)   - Boring & ugly footage I know, it was intended to test overall sharpness of minimum focus and low light performance F2 - F2.8 without diopter. I could not move the camera very much, as I had to hold the glass together temporarily whilst I carried out the tests for repair.   *edit - sorry for the nasty iphone flare, was to check orientation I promise.   This video is intended to put some Kowa Inflight 1.75X content out there, as when I searched the web, there was next to no footage to be found...I wonder if this is a bit of a rare beasty?   https://vimeo.com/62406792
  2. I am new to the anamorphic arena - and I have some questions regarding workflow for you experienced and professional anamorphic guru's.    Firstly, here's the gear I'm using:   Canon 5D Mark 3 Canon 85mm 1.2 II ISCO 1.75x   Editing with Final Cut Pro 7   My first question is:    Aspect Ratio:  What is the correct aspect ratio for a 1.75x ISCO.  I'm confused as to how to calculate 16:9 with a 1.75x zoom... does this mean that my aspect ratio is 2.35:1?    My second question: What is the proper workflow in order to edit anamorphic footage in fcp?  For example, once I've exported the H.264 footage recorded at 1080i24p into FCP, how do I squeeze the footage in order to use all the precious pixels at 16:9 with a 1.75x zoom?   My third question: Focusing.  Is it normal to not be able to focus my prime lens (manually) when the ISCO is attached?  It seems that I have to remove the ISCO lens in order to adjust focus.  Maybe there's something I'm missing with regards to the electronic mechanisms of the camera/lens that don't work with the ISCO?    I have more questions, but these would be incredibly helpful if someone can help me with these questions.    Thank you in advance!
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