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How much would you knock off for this damage?


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I bought a "mint" 1dc (my 2nd one) this week.  From the original owner.

Here was the deal - $3300, less than 28,000 clicks, included a 2nd OEM battery plus 3 32GB CF cards.  Original receipt from where he paid $14999 in 2014 for it.  I know they are $5k now new, but.

Anyway, I get the camera and it's mint EXCEPT for this damage to the rear LCD.  I call him and he states "Oh sorry, that just happened and I forgot to tell you.  I can knock a couple hundred bucks off it the price, or you can return it (we had worked out a 3 day "right to rescind" anyway, so I'm well within the time limit.

I know re-selling this as is down the line as I buy and sell a ton of cameras I will take a hit for the damage.  However, other than that, the camera works perfectly and the sensor is even spotless shooting at F/22!  I called Canon CPS and they told me they cannot quote anything over the phone and as a CPS member they can send me a prepaid shipping label to send it to them - the repair is optional based on the price.

The seller has offered to kick me $200 back.  I think this might be a $800 "repair" from Canon since I'm sure because the "C" badge is involved they will charge more.

I told the seller I was just going to return it, but considering how much I love the C-log look and the 1.3x crop in 4k, I am torn.  Another option would be to pay around $5400 to get the 1dx Mark II and get the sweet DPAF and 4k 60 (and 120FPS 1080) as well as the improved dynamic range.

What do you guys think?






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3 hours ago, Shield3 said:

Original receipt from where he paid $14999 in 2014 for it

so crazy. im gonna buy one out of principle just to have a $15k slr

if it was me id prolly keep it, although i might feel a little betrayed by the seller – then again thats a little irrational since hes willing to take the return. ive been shopping for a used 5d3 and a lot of people have "forgotten" to tell me stuff (like theyre lying)

anyway $3100 is a great deal. does the cosmetic damage bother you? are you definitely gonna have the screen replaced? if that damage was in the middle of the screen id say take way more off the price, but because of where it is maybe i could live with it. then again how much is a new screen from canon? $400? $900? i have more questions than answers lol im the worst sorry

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