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FS5 Footage (hurry up, will be deleted soon)

Mattias Burling

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So a guy posted a video from the FS5 that he says he tried on a Sony tour in Italy.
The video was quickly deleted. I had time to see it.

Another fellow who you might recognize had downloaded it and posted it on youtube.
My guess its gone soon so have a peak.

BTW, here is the original posters comment from Vimeo.

"I used a sample unit of this little, great camera for only two hours, during the weekend stop of the FS5 Italian Tour (thanks to my beautiful daughter Marta for the precious help).
It's really very light (800 g. body only); I tried it with the Ronin M and with the very cheap Sony 16mm. f/2.8 pancake.
No editing.
Filmed in S-Log 2.
Graded in 20 min. in Premiere CC 2015
Music: The Sailor / The Album Leaf
Many thanks to Sony Europe and Sony Italy"

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Nice skintones! Sony sensors/color science do best in natural or full spectrum light. Footage shot with artificial light would be helpful (this is where Canon, ARRI etc., tend to hold up better). Curious how SLog2 was handled in PP CC (new Lumetri panel+Slog2 LUT or ?).

Overall nice image quality though slomo looked softer/more aliased than FS700 (internal recording). A nice test would be side-by-side FS700/FS5/FS7 slomo.

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