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  1. I'm sorry for my poor english, but I'll try to explain the best I can. I have noticed a weird problem with RAW timelapse on my GH3. I recently started using RAW images for timelapse because I can recover more detail from underexposed areas in post and get a wider dynamic range. Take a look at this video:   https://vimeo.com/66920197 You can see two timelapse tests that have been done with all manual settings (exposure, white balance, shutter speed and ISO). ISO levels are 125 for the first test and 200 for the outdoor timelapse. The clips marked with "A" are the RAW sequences straight from the camera, the ones marked with "B" have been modified in exposure with Camera RAW. As you can see, there is a noticeable color shift between some pictures: some of them tend to blue/green creating an ugly color flickering. This problem is evident in underexposed areas, especially after increasing exposure, whether I have sunlight or artificial light. I generally use a deflicker plugin for removing aperture flicker in a timelapse, but this solution can't work for color changes like this. This is another timelapse test made in a room with a few light to better demonstrate the issue: [attachment=521:noise color shift.jpg] Picture 1 : RAW files before increasing exposure.   Picture 2:  Exposure increased a bit for all the shots, apparently everything's fine. Picture 3 : Further exposure increase reveals a shot with a much different color. Picture 4 : The blue shot compared to the others.   If you want to replicate the issue: 1) Set all settings manually (WB,ISO,aperture,shutter speed). 2) Make a timelapse in a room with a few light in order to obtain very underexposed images. 3) Shoot at least 50/100 pictures. 4) Check the RAW files and increase exposure even if you can see noticeable banding. Can you see some pictures with an evident color shift in the sequence?   I have tried changing lens, but the problem has still happened. I tried many other software for editing raw files, but the color shift is still there. Sometimes the color shift can affects lot's of RAW photos, sometimes only a few why apparently no precise reason. I tried correcting manually the frames with shifted colors with no success. This is sad because the color flicker ruins the opportunity of using RAW for timelapse on the GH3. 
  2. Hello people..  Being new here i don't want to put up unnecessary questions.  But i've recently seen a few HDR timelapse videos and i'm on the verge of ordering a GH3.    Is it possible to do the interval shooting in HDR mode or using barcketting with the GH3 ?    Cheers :)
  3. Hey everybody. I just joined and this is my first post over here. So, I am Shaheryar from Lahore, Pakistan and I am a passionate filmmaker. I am planning on buying the GH3 and was a little confused over a few accessories. Mainly support accessories. Now I am buying the Benro S6 tripod which have gotten really good reviews. I am having problems with rails systems or rod supports. I saw Andrew building up his GH3 rig with Lanparte pro baseplate and rods with Lanparte Mattebox.    I am currently not looking in making a shoulder rig. All I want is to attach my follow focus and work with it.    I want to buy the Lanparte Baseplate pro with rods. I really like the price point and the reviews are amazing on it. But I have a small issue. Will I be able to change the battery while the GH3 is on the baseplate? This is important. I really would like to buy the battery grip but I have 2 issues with it. One being that it is expensive and the other that it offsets the whole camera to quite a certain degree. Not good. Looking forward to your answers and thank you for your time. 
  4. Hello Everybody, i'm new here as new to anamorphic shooting and almost shooting in general, I made this vid during holidays with my son and girlfriend in a friends house in ardeche in france, just to have a trace of it. http://player.vimeo.com/video/66394467   Don't go to hard on me, i know these are "trees and shit" :), but that is all i got to shoot. I would like some advices as i'm really liking to shoot stuff, i made some motion design before and my job is to create websites, but i would like to try to make some music vids (with an idea of course not just shooting random stuff). So go on with questions and comments i'm ready arms spread wide open !      As for the technical part, it was shot on a GH3 with "eclatant" profile so i suppose it's vivid in english, way too sharp... Looks weird and camcoder like to me, stupidly i just forgot to go back on my personalised "flat" setting as i gave the camera to my girlfriend to make some photos and she told me they looked "sad and flat :)". I used a canon FD 50 f1.4. The timelapses are made with the well known stock 14.140. The supercinelux is a pain to focus on such small screen like the one on the gh3, and more when it's all streched, so i was thinking to get a external screen or a loupe with a anamorphic function. You'll see some flare porn, i really like the flares from this lens. It's very sharp when focused properly, and as i see it's works really nice from 2 or 3 meters. So i think that's all. Hope to hear lot's of critics :), i'm happy to finally be on this forum. See you soon bye!
  5. Have been seriously considering this lens for my GH3 and (eventually) the BMPCC - though I can't seem to find any non-nature/event footage to get an idea of how it performs when shooting narrative work... The focus-by-wire and electronic aperture will be a pain for video shooting also... But the 12-35 range is really appealing (esp for the BMPCC). Anyone have any experience with this lens beyond test videos and home movies? Is it possible to create cinematic images with it under the right conditions, or are primes the only way to go? And if so, what would be an ideal prime lens set for the BMPCC (regarding focal length, not brand/model)?
  6. Hi guys, I just got my first Panasonic camera after reading many reviews on it - the GH3. I've been trying to figure this out and found a few dpreview posts in which most say it can't be done, but some say it can, without providing an explanation. Frankly I seriously can't believe this limitation exists. Someone please tell me I missed something.. I wanna film in 24p, set aperture to 2.8, exposure to 1/50th (since 1/48 isn't available) and use AutoISO. Like I have for many years, on other cameras. Except of course there is only ISO 200 to 6400 available. I have a variable ND filter but that doesn't replace AutoISO. This is a vacion movie so I want a good balance between good quality and ease of use... Any ideas? Cheers, Raphael
  7. These music videos will not be to everyones taste, but heres a bunch of videos I've shot and edited on the GH3. My business uses 2 of these on a regular basis.    Lenses used are SLR Magic 12mm & 50mm, Panasonic 12-35mm and a bunch of Canon FDs (amazing!)   I hope it will be a nice break from all those wonderful test videos swarming Vimeo. Love the camera!   SKAM 'Massacre' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbHP8LuWDDk   Exit State 'Pull The Thread' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mufwp5shhro     Liberty Lies 'Someone Else'  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjNXVZeTPbk   The Sun Explodes 'SevenThreeOne' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDpeqKVSyJM   Davoodi 'Party Life'  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFba6-mLwLo   Second Shepherds 'Everyday'  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL-5fESjXCw
  8. I'm selling my GH3. I've only used it about 5 times, so it's practically brand new.   It feels like a shame to already sell it considering I had high hopes of getting back into filmmaking but right now I just don't have time or a project in mind. I realized I didn't use it for shooting stills. I'd rather still just shoot a few rolls a year of Tri-X on my Nikon FM when the inspiration hits. And I want to get away from technical obsessions for the moment and focus on reading books and trying to get inspired with ideas for upcoming projects. Any by then, hopefully the BMPCC will (hopefully) be available.   Anyway, more info than anyone needs to know. I live in San Antonio. If anyone is interested in the camera, send me a message and we can talk details.  Thanks.
  9. Like to share this short film which is part of a larger project. Shot with GH3, slrmagic 35mm and Kowa 8Z. https://vimeo.com/65543988  
  10. I am curious on a few items regarding DSLR and mirrorless video making.   The 5d MK III is amazing in low light but is said to be soft The GH3 is amazing in sub-800 ISO but is said to be to "home video" feeling for cinematic looks   The resolution and image quality on this GH3 video is stunning:  http://vimeo.com/63349774   But the cinematic feel and hollywood quality of this is equally stunning: http://vimeo.com/49269403   Anyway to get the GH3 to look as cinematic?  I'm thinking not if most of, if not all, the videos on Vimeo don't show that?  Also What about getting the 5D to sharpen like the GH3?  Not possible?   Seems like it's a trade off...   GH3:  great sharp image but lack of cinematic feeling and poor ISO performance in low light 5D3: great cinematic feel and ISO performance in low light but not as crystal clear as the GH3   Not sure where to go regarding purchase!
  11. Hello, I recently shot this 1-shot music video on my GH3. It worked out great. especially being light weight. https://vimeo.com/65240570 Lens: 12-35 f2.8 Shot @ 12mm, f4.0, 800 ISO, 1/50th Shutter, 4300k Look: Natural with -4 NR, -4 Sharpness, -3 Contrast, -3 Saturation. 23.98p 50mpbs IPB .MOV Image Stabilization on Note: There was color grading done
  12. Hello.   Thanks to Andrew...his review made me buy the RX100...i am very happy with it!   So now i would like the settings to match the GH3 with moderate flat settings for filming. Has anybody tried this out? What are your settings so that in post it is not too hard to match them? I am talking of film settings here...contrast, sharpness, filmtype etc.   Regards Michael      
  13. My first Anamorphic video.  This is a lens test that turned into a vignette about a small park in a large city, Caesar's Park.   http://vimeo.com/64361609
  14. Like to share this moody short film I created. Used GH3, Kowa 8Z and SLR Magic 35mm. https://vimeo.com/64129362
  15. I kind of new the EU version doesn´t have 60p and for slomos this would have been a tad nicer than 50p, but I didn´t pay much attention to it. Now I have a client from the states who needs 30p and I can´t offer it. I looked at the new Nikons and Canons and they all seem to be switchable! How come the GH3 isns´t? Is there a way to put a US firmware on it temporaryly?
  16. I have been using a Hacked GH2 with Flow Motion 2 the preferred setting...I just got a GH3 and I need some guidance from those who know on how to set-up the two cameras to use in a Multi-Cam edit so that the picture quality, colour, look and feel are similar. Perhaps a different hack for the GH2 would be a better fit with the GH3, I don't know.   Any thoughts?   Creagle
  17. Hey guys, After finally having the time to shoot and edit something with my GH3, here's the finished project! Shot this for my friend's band.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMfJANcv0Uk
  18. I was offered the newest GoPro black edition for my birthday. We didn't buy it yet but while researching I red the newest GoPro's have a very low battery life. I'm combining GH3 footage with the GoPro footage. - Which GoPro would you recommend? - Perhaps the earlier version which has longer battery life? I don't want to take more then 2 batteries. - Anybody experiences with the wasabi batteries? - What things should I take into consideration when filming with both? Thanxs for the help!
  19. Hey all. This is the first thing that I've shot with the GH3. It's a commercial for a technology company. I'm loving the combo of the camera and this lens. Check it out.   https://vimeo.com/61824609
  20. Jenkly

    GH3 ISO Increment

    Here is a little tutorial for getting some extra ISO options on the GH3.  It gives you two more ISO values between the ones that came preset with firmware 1.0.  You just have to enable them.  I'm not sure how widely known this trick is. I keep seeing ISO tests showing off ISO 200, ISO 400...etc. and nothing between.  So, I hope this helps!   https://vimeo.com/62399018
  21. I visit my brother, niece and sister in law, and I met in Toulouse Olivier, a anamorphic lenses collector. He lent me for this week end one of his Iscorama. It was the first and hope not the last time that I have this lens in my hand. It's working very well, sharp, and usable for closed shots without a diopter.   <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/61965327" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/61965327"     GH3 AVCHD 1080 50P natural mode 1080 50P Iscorama non MC 1.5X version, apparently more 1.4X, that what I've done on post Yashica 55mm f2 Contax mount light craft ND variable filter Tokina 0.5 diopter here is a face to face Iscorama / baby Hypergonar : vimeo.com/61788864
  22. Hi i am wondering about buying a GH3 it will be used for landscape/nature footage but i am uncertain about how much better the GH3 dynamic range in video mode is? I know that the GH3 is superior in photo mode but how much better is it's dynamic range in video? The GH3 and a decent lens is a large investment and i want to know that there will be a big different.   I want a smooth organic image quality. I have seen alot of sample footage and yes the GH3 is much sharper and certainly superior bitrate compared to the RX100. But i am more uncertain about the dynamic range.   Would be nice if maybe someone can make a dynamic range comparison between the RX100 and the GH3. With the best possible settings on both cameras.   I own a RX100 which is certainly a great camera. The GH3 is interesting but i have not been convinced yet that it will be worth the cost.   Dynamic range is very important but i can't afford the cost of the BMC with lenses and accesories.   I would really wish for a camera of the size of the RX100 which would have the dynamic range of the BMC in it's video mode. I hope it will happen some day.   I have also been looking at the canon HF G20 and G25 cameras but am disappointed that they still are 1080i based cameras. The panasonic SD900/X900/X920 have even smaller active sensor size then the G20/G25 so they are out of the question. I have the SD600 (which is 3xcmos and 1080p 50fps) and the dynamic range certainly is limited and kills all chances of the organic quality i want to see.
  23. Hi everybody!   Need some good advice. I've decided to buy a camera for free-lance film making.   What i need:   - 95% for film making - excellent low light performance - superb colors - maximum details in shadows - fast one - not so expensive... :)   I wanted to make also commercial-like films and short promotional clips to Hotels with girls in room or something like that for example Miss Hotel xy, etc.(dont joking...).   One of my friend mentioned me Panasonic AC90. Is it a good camcorder? Can it be better than GH3 or 5D3? Any advice can be useful. Wait for Your replies!   THANKS! (sry for my english) Balázs
  24. I just got this lens the other day and noticed that it makes a vey quiet, yet noticeable grinding sound when focusing manually. Is that normal? It also makes a noise when focusing automatically. I have the panasonic shotgun mic attached to the GH3 for audio recording and it definitely picks up the sound. Is my lens defective or is this normal for this lens? I don't notice it on my 17mm or 45mm, but haven't tested. Would love some direction on this.  You can hear it in this video at around the three second mark - small clicking sounds.   https://vimeo.com/61436718
  25. Anamorphic Tilt Shift essai   Essai with my anamorphic lens on a tilt @ shift lens. Hard to use, hard to focus, this is just an essai :)     GH3 1080P 50 Hartbei Super-Rotator 80mm tilt and shift lens usually between f5.6 and f11 Baby Berthiot Hypergonar 1.75X anamorphic lens Light Craft variable ND filter Tokina diopter       <iframe src="http://player.vimeo.com/video/61262559" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/61262559"
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