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  1. Thank you @/p/ and @nahua for your answers.  This is helpful! - Hung
  2. I just got this lens the other day and noticed that it makes a vey quiet, yet noticeable grinding sound when focusing manually. Is that normal? It also makes a noise when focusing automatically. I have the panasonic shotgun mic attached to the GH3 for audio recording and it definitely picks up the sound. Is my lens defective or is this normal for this lens? I don't notice it on my 17mm or 45mm, but haven't tested. Would love some direction on this.  You can hear it in this video at around the three second mark - small clicking sounds.   https://vimeo.com/61436718
  3. I was using my GH3 to record my mom watching TV and noticed some horizontal stripes/bands on the monitor and resulting footage.  I am hoping this isn't a defect of the camera.  Is this normal of the light emanating from an LCD TV screen?  Has anyone else run into this issue?  Would love to get some reassurance that this is normal characteristic from TV light.   Here's link to my footage.  You'll see the issue more clearly on the right side of the image.   https://vimeo.com/61397939
  4. Andrew, thanks for the response. Another question looking for your thoughts - so I got 2 GH3s and the aperture slider on one of them sometimes doesn't click and change aperture like it should. Instead it just glides as its being turned (no clicking friction) and doesn't adjust the aperture. This probably shouldn't happen. You ever experience that on your gh2/3? I'm wondering whether I should deal with it or take that one back.
  5. Hey Andrew, I just got my GH3, put an Olympus zoom lens on it and when I zoom in and out, the image flickers.  Any idea what's happening there or if you've had similar experience?  Maybe a lack of compatibility btwn the Oly lens and Gh3?  Let me know your thoughts!
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