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  1.   hey Mr trees and shit :), thanks ! Well yes i have a magnify button i use it all the time since i'm shooting with manual primes but i found this is not enough for me to quickly nail the focus... And thanks for the links i watched the first part  for now, looks very interesting lots of talented and experienced people involved, they say almost exactly what i found frustrating and hard to decide, the fact that only two or one frame can change the meaning or in my case the feeling of a sequence, i just don't have the patience or i always get the feeling that it never ends, watch the stuff over and over again and constatly change your mind... :) i guess my real problem is patience and self satisfaction...
  2. thanks :)   hey thanks man, wasn't expecting so much !     anyone has some advices about the editing since, i really don't like to do it and i don't really understand the keys to a good edit...   maybe some movies to watch? The guy who made me want to do videos is chris cunningham a few years ago, he has some shots where he plays with light it influenced me in everything i create (this looks huge but it's just a tiny part of the people who influenced me, Scott, Aronowsky, i would love to talk about that too :)). And last year when i found what where anamorphics and more that you could use them with your own camera i was a revelation, that magic i was searching everywhere (photography, illustration, CG, graphics...) this living light, that black energy invisible but yet everywhere in those beautiful shots, and that superb picture format that makes stuff look "Cinema" was in my hand! and seeying there where passionate people about that, some of them on this forum, is really like a new world open... That was just some written love :). Go on friends. thanks !
  3. Hello Everybody, i'm new here as new to anamorphic shooting and almost shooting in general, I made this vid during holidays with my son and girlfriend in a friends house in ardeche in france, just to have a trace of it. http://player.vimeo.com/video/66394467   Don't go to hard on me, i know these are "trees and shit" :), but that is all i got to shoot. I would like some advices as i'm really liking to shoot stuff, i made some motion design before and my job is to create websites, but i would like to try to make some music vids (with an idea of course not just shooting random stuff). So go on with questions and comments i'm ready arms spread wide open !      As for the technical part, it was shot on a GH3 with "eclatant" profile so i suppose it's vivid in english, way too sharp... Looks weird and camcoder like to me, stupidly i just forgot to go back on my personalised "flat" setting as i gave the camera to my girlfriend to make some photos and she told me they looked "sad and flat :)". I used a canon FD 50 f1.4. The timelapses are made with the well known stock 14.140. The supercinelux is a pain to focus on such small screen like the one on the gh3, and more when it's all streched, so i was thinking to get a external screen or a loupe with a anamorphic function. You'll see some flare porn, i really like the flares from this lens. It's very sharp when focused properly, and as i see it's works really nice from 2 or 3 meters. So i think that's all. Hope to hear lot's of critics :), i'm happy to finally be on this forum. See you soon bye!
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