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  1. Hello, As a fan of beautiful classic cars I always enjoy watching videos from Petrolicious. For those who don't know, Petrolicious is a famous website about vintage cars ; they make regular video interviews of owners of older car models. Recently they shot a video about the Alpine Renault. The problem with Petrolicious is that they are very discreet about the shooting and the gear used, so I "investigate" and I finally found this video was made by David Zu Elfe from itx Films. I asked David what he had used as material and about color grading, here's his kindly reply : Interesting ! Enjoy the video now :
  2. I posted this a couple of months ago to see if anyone could tell the difference (other than slo mo) between the FS7 and GH4. Here is the final product on the label's YouTube channel.
  3. A music video that I directed for my band T-Slam.We're about to play a big concert with the Israeli Symphony Orchestra of Rishon, so we decided to have fun with the classical theme.Shot with the GH4, Natural profile, Helios 44-2 with a poor man's Speedbooster and a Lumix 12-35mm/f2.8 lens.Edited with FCPX 10.2
  4. Been shooting out in the forest last sunday with the Contax Zeiss 35-70 f3.4 and 80-200 f4. The 100-300 which is supposed to be better has yet to arrive. I find that 80-200 is much better without a teleconverter attached to it, much more crisp images. Graded using filmconvert and loving it. I think the contax glass lineup compliments what filmconvert tries to do. On a sidenote, I got lost during filming couple of times in the bush. I think I got disoriented while trying to avoid the race tracks. There was no signal and phone battery was on 5%. I hated myself for walking into the forest so unprepared. Almost went to the point of panic until I eventually found my way back. Never knew I would need orienteering skills for filming. Thank god I took minimal gear that day. Below is the video.
  5. My first footage shot with my Baby Hypergonar anamorphic lens. Cut to the music of Dances with Wolves. Enjoy
  6. We wanted to try compositing basic 3D VFX in the background with GH4 4K video (inspired by videogames I used to write). I used 3DS Max to create a simple scene with an alpha channel and tried to composite everything in Premiere Pro CC. Unfortunately, PPro (and AE) have issues with the 3DSMax alpha channel (not a premultiplied color issue) and the low levels of the alpha channel appear to get clipped, cutting off subtle glows, etc., making correct compositing impossible. So I moved the background plate into 3DS Max and rendered the 3D elements directly on top. I had originally planned for a much more complex 3D scene, including having objects come out of the background and go around her head, but the time spent trying to work around the compositing issue took too much time.
  7. dwijip

    Surf Video GH4

    I do a lot of sports and surf videos and this is a recent one I did in the westcoast of Auckland. GH4 really help you in this fast paced run and gun situation where you need to change things fast and adapt to the environment. The small sensor size is actually a positive factor in sports as well because of the crop factor and deeper focus plane. Landscape shots were shot in 4K then scaled. Vintage Contax, Pentax lenses were used.
  8. On an impulse I've decided to go to Louisiana. Here's a glimpse of what I saw. Shot with Panasonic GH4 & Canon 17-55 on Metabones Speedbooster.
  9. On an impulse I've decided to go to Louisiana. Here's a glimpse of what I saw. Shot with Panasonic GH4 & Canon 17-55 on Metabones Speedbooster.
  10. Sharing my latest work as a freelance climbing/sport filmmaker. Shot entirely on the Panasonic GH4 in 4K and 1080p for slow-motion in 4 days in wonderful Isola d'Elba. Please do have a look even if you don't care much about the subject matter, I'd be very interested in some feedback! The video was cut into 4 parts for convenience, be sure to check for the links to the next episodes in the description.
  11. LEGO was apprehensive about using the GH4 at first but ended up loving the look. We're in the process of a new video using the FS7 for 180fps slow mo.
  12. This was shot entirely hand held with the GH4, 12 35 2.8. Edited on Premiere Pro, with post stabilization. CineD @4K 25p
  13. Did a little test yesterday with a friend, getting shots have become much quicker since I can single focus with the FM now. This is a relevantly cheap setup as I got the takumar for about $70(US), Isco Ultra star fro about $400, FM was about $750. Pentax Super Takumar 50mm 1.4, Isco Ultra Star Anamorphic Lens, Focus Module Lens, Panasonic GH4, Natural Picture Profile with all settings dialed down, Simple color grade in Premiere, BGM : Bic Runga 'Listening for the Weather'
  14. I shot this entire piece with 2 GH4's. It's for LEGO and their new season of Ninjago which airs on Cartoon Network.
  15. Hi! Been enjoying my GH4 until I needed to use my external monitor with it... I tried to plug my micro HDMI to HDMI cable to camera and noticed this problem when plugin it in. It won't fit there easily and actually haven't got it to work at all. So I thought that I bought wrong cable or the cable is faulty. But tried the monitor with my sony rx100 and gopro 3+. Works with both of them. So could someone who has used hdmi port on gh4 to confirm if my hdmi port looks a bit wierd? (images attached below) There is these two pins that are too high up from the bottom of the port? Or did Panasonic reinvent the HDMI micro port to sell some Panasonic branded cables... Don't think so.
  16. Directed and shot this commercial on GH4. https://vimeo.com/119333904
  17. Hi all, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind looking at some of my work and giving me some constructive criticism. I've graduated from film on the gh2 to currently the gh4 and I've started my own local film business. Nothing massive just a hobby I enjoy so why not get paid to do it. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I'm always willing to try new things and learn from past mistakes. Thanks for your time http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCcn5e_l0y_ryAUJ5VXSXK3A
  18. The internal flash on my GH4 sometimes fires with the cover down when it is not set to fire at all. It creates a small explosion with a smell of scorching. Very alarming! Any idea what's going on? Anyone else had this problem. i've only had the camera a few months and have never used the flash, as I primarily shoot video.
  19. Hello, I've been experimenting with shooting anamorphic video on my GH4 in 4K photo mode, using a Rectimascop 48/2x adaptor. The more I shoot, the more I see the need to monitor the unsqueezed video in real time, for better control of composition and focus. Can anyone recommend an HDMI field monitor, 5" to 7", with the ability to stretch the video width x2? Many thanks, Izhar
  20. Guest

    GH4 12fps RAW video.

    I've been playing with the GH4 today in RAW stills burst mode. My workflow needs some refinement to get the motion blur looking more regular, but I actually quite like the filmic staccato of 12fps. The image quality is insanely nice though: Note: Plus members can download the original Prores LT file on Vimeo. I REALLY RECOMMEND DOING THIS - motion looks much worse when streamed. Vimeo blurb below: First test of using GH4 in RAW stills burst mode to make video. RAW stills converted to ProRes 444HQ and slowed to 50% in 24p FCPX timeline. Graded in FCPX and some grain applied. Also used REVisionEffects' RSMB to add motion blur as most of this was shot with a very high shutter speed. This has caused some unpleasant motion artefacts here and there. The final shot in the video (of blowing leaves and cars) used a 180 degree shutter in-camera (1/25s) and looks better I think. I will try using that setting for my next attempt. Rolling shutter looks quite severe. The GH4 buffer can only do about 40 frames in raw burst mode, so you can't really get longer than a 3 second clip. My card is a Sandisk 95MB/s U1 - I don't know if a faster card would do better. I actually really like the 12fps look, particularly when used with film grain and the really bold colours you can get from raw. I like the excessive motion blur. I think if you avoid severe camera movement so as not to draw attention to the rolling shutter and low frame rate, it can look very filmic. Obviously this can't be used for everything but with some refinement I think I will be using it a fair bit. If you like the 12fps look (12fps is right on the border of human perception of individual frames - I think this makes it rather interesting) and can live with the short burst times, there are a lot of good reasons to try this out. Yet another great thing about the awesome GH4. Check our blog for further testing of this mode: lintelfilms.co.uk/blog/ Note: I tried using 'optical flow' (FCPX's version of Twixtor) to create 'real' 24fps, but it was a mess, with lots of the usual warping around movement (even though I used a very fast shutter speed). Music by Chris Zabriskie.
  21. Why not use maximum GH4 in-camera noise reduction setting if shooting 4K for 1080 output? I know Neat Video will do a better job in post, but it's a real time and processor hog. Also, I haven't seen any evidence that Neat cleans up 'pure' noisy footage better than the mushy noise you get with NR on. Softness was the reason I didn't use both on previous (1080) cameras, but I'm actually actively looking for ways of softening the image from the GH4. I'll do some tests and post them if I have time ...
  22. Testing out lenses with the Iscorama 36 wide open. I really want that separation from the background. It's easy now with the Metabones Speedbooster EF. There is something to be said about full frame lenses used with the Speedbooster vs micro 4/3rds native lenses. Also the Iscorama is the sharpest of the anamorphic adapters, although there are still some lenses that don't do well wide open. Shot on a GH4 4K (before v2.0 firmware, 16:9). Iscorama minimum distance is around 6 feet, half that with the Tokina +0.4 diopter.
  23. Hi guys, I've been a lurker in the forums for quite some time now, but this is my initial post. I received my GH4 yesterday and have been playing with different setups. This is the best so far. Regular shoulder-rig with cage. A Røde shotgun mic with pistol grip attached to a super clamp which is attached to the cage. Sounds like a bad idea, but works wonderfully, and are easy to detach. There is no wiggle or instability. The Røde is connected to the Zoom H4N which is connected to the Panasonic. I've had great results so far with my testing and its hard to tell the difference between the GH4 Audio and the H4N recording. You can of course record audio with the recorder and have great referance audio in the GH4. Works really good when you don't have a designated audio-guy. // Johannes
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