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  1. I don't know if this has been posted before, but here's Mauri Galiano's very nice test which compares the GH4's various aspect ratios in 4k "Photo" mode using a Bolex 16/32 1.5x, an Isco 1.7x and a 2x Proskar. This sealed my decision to finally pull the trigger on a GH4. The only limitation I see right now is it's only in 30p and 25p. Apparently someone within Panasonic is pushing hard for 24p. Otherwise the GH4 (except low light) is an embarrsment of riches. eris
  2. After reading Andrew's post on The Forgotten Anamorphic, and purchasing his helpful guide, I bought a Proskar 16-A.   I'm relatively new to anamorphic and have a Sankor 16D and DO 16F.  Using the Redstan clamps and recommended taking lenses, I've had good success with those two so far.   However, the Proskar I received seems more like a magnification lens than projection adapter.  I can't pull any focus and knew there was something "different" when I looked through the adapter vs. my other anamorphics.   I've attached two pictures as a reference.  I basically have to be right on top of the quarter to see that it's a quarter when looking through the Proskar.  No problem identifying the quarter at larger distances using the DO or Sankor.   I've tried the Helios 44m-4 and Jupiter-9 taking lenses, which work fine with the Sankor and DO.     I saw that Andrew used a Canon FD 50mm Macro lens and wanted to investigate further before adding another lens to the mix (I would have to buy this.)   I'm thinking the adapter may be bad?  I haven't ruled out operator error, but...   Any thoughts, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.   [attachment=456:DO16F.jpg]  [attachment=457:Proskar16A.jpg]
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