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  1. Can the GH4 shoot 48fps without converting to 24fps or 30fps? I would like to be able to shoot 48fps and export at 48fps with audio. Is this possible? and if so how?
  2. I recently shot a music video with the GH4(in 4k) and GH2(1080) all the footage looks really good in preview playback but I notice a Gamma change with the .mov GH4 files if I open in FCP or VLC? I've had this problem with RED files and I just continued editing with the darkened gamma change because the files seem to correct themselves upon export. With that said I have a couple questions with how I should continue with this project or if there is a better way. My workflow plan right now is to Transcode first all of AVCHD GH2 files with 5dToRGB to PRORES 422HQ After that I'll import the PRORE
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