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  1. Wow crazy...I guess I just got a bad copy. Definitely sending it back. Thanks guys!
  2. I got a brand new GH4 2 weeks ago from Adorama. The camera has worked perfectly thus far. Tonight I took it out to shoot some Halloween festivities. After taking a couple photos without any issue, I went to take another and noticed the EVF display was completely pink with a thin blue line (like 1 or 2 pixels wide) running down the left side. I actually snapped a pic with my iPhone: I've tried turning the power off/on, removing/reinserting the battery, removed/attached the lens (I have the Panny/Leica 30 mm 1.7), cycled through all the EVF/LCD display modes, swapped the memory card, switched between every mode, etc. but the EVF is only displaying a solid pink screen with a blue line down the left side. The LCD display works fine. However, if I switch the display mode for the LCD/EVF to auto or just to EVF, the screen is pink. Not sure how this could happen so suddenly. Has anyone else had this issue? Do I just have a bum camera? Having only had it for 2 weeks, I'm still under warranty (though this is the first time I didn't buy an extended warranty!) so hopefully they can just replace it or have it fixed free of charge! Thanks in advance for any info! Dave
  3. Really enjoyed the review Andrew. I had a basic question about one of your points... "ALL-I encoding instead of IPB (which subtly changes motion cadence)" I was wondering if you could explain (or point me to an example if possible) of how the motion cadence is subtly different with ALL-I encoding? Still learning this stuff so appreciate any info you might share. Thanks a lot!
  4. Great comparison review Andrew. You really hit some points on my mind as I've been going back and forth which camera to get if I were to choose one. I think the GH4 would be a great start for me in my particular situation and could see going to a full frame/raw workflow possibly down the road. Thanks for the info!
  5. Hey Andrew...I'm a relative newbie to your site but I wanted to say thanks for all the great tests and info you provide. I've been following the GH4 development for a while and your site has definitely been great in helping me make more informed decisions on camera choices. I had a couple questions...I noticed the Shogun recorder also records to cinema DNG. Is that something the GH4 can take advantage of and would that be a better option for grading in this case? Also, it lists the Shogun recording 4k at 3840x2160...does that mean it can't take advantage of the GH4's slightly higher cinema 4k resolution? Thanks again and keep up the great work!
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