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  1. Wow crazy...I guess I just got a bad copy. Definitely sending it back. Thanks guys!
  2. I got a brand new GH4 2 weeks ago from Adorama. The camera has worked perfectly thus far. Tonight I took it out to shoot some Halloween festivities. After taking a couple photos without any issue, I went to take another and noticed the EVF display was completely pink with a thin blue line (like 1 or 2 pixels wide) running down the left side. I actually snapped a pic with my iPhone: I've tried turning the power off/on, removing/reinserting the battery, removed/attached the lens (I have the Panny/Leica 30 mm 1.7), cycled through all the EVF/LCD display modes, swapped the memory card, sw
  3. Really enjoyed the review Andrew. I had a basic question about one of your points... "ALL-I encoding instead of IPB (which subtly changes motion cadence)" I was wondering if you could explain (or point me to an example if possible) of how the motion cadence is subtly different with ALL-I encoding? Still learning this stuff so appreciate any info you might share. Thanks a lot!
  4. Great comparison review Andrew. You really hit some points on my mind as I've been going back and forth which camera to get if I were to choose one. I think the GH4 would be a great start for me in my particular situation and could see going to a full frame/raw workflow possibly down the road. Thanks for the info!
  5. Hey Andrew...I'm a relative newbie to your site but I wanted to say thanks for all the great tests and info you provide. I've been following the GH4 development for a while and your site has definitely been great in helping me make more informed decisions on camera choices. I had a couple questions...I noticed the Shogun recorder also records to cinema DNG. Is that something the GH4 can take advantage of and would that be a better option for grading in this case? Also, it lists the Shogun recording 4k at 3840x2160...does that mean it can't take advantage of the GH4's slightly higher cinema
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