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  1. I think the record limit in 4k is 15 minutes but I forget. I was shooting a dance recital at 4k 30p. After it hit the record limit I'd immediately press record again. Probably 30 minutes into in it started overheating and shutting off. This was inside, not a particularly hot venue either. I switched to 1080p and it was fine though.
  2. Why does it concern you lol? I am not in the market for this camera but I am happy to see Blackmagic going after a bigger market. This camera is obviously targeted to those that would rent or buy an RED helium and probably anyone who might consider a RED in general. Reputations can change, RED has had a long history of reliability issues and they have overcome it. I am sure Blackmagic can as well especially considering this is their first camera targeting a higher end market. At the end of the day professionals aren't going to turn down more usability at a lower cost. The question really is if Blackmagic has their quality control down.
  3. Another huge advantage is Blackmagic's BRAW edits way better than 8k red footage. They've really put in the work to make the BRAW codec edit friendly even in 12k. People are going to have a hard to ignoring the advantages that BM is offering.
  4. Its not about 12k its about getting really good 8k which is one of the first things mentioned in the Blackmagic announcement. RED has certainly thrived on the high resolution front. Forgetting about who uses 8k or who might use 12k lets look at what this camera actually offers for the price. 12k at 60fps 8k at 120fps 6k at 120fps 4k at 120fps 4k cropped at 220fps vs The RED helium 8k at 60 fps 6k at 75 fps 5k at 96 fps 4k at 120 fps 3k at 150 fps 2k at 240 fps Keep in mind all the lower resolutions on the RED are cropping in on the sensor, greatly limiting the usability. The RED S35 helium also costs $24,500 plus the cost of RED mags. We need to see the Dynamic range and low light performance coming out of the URSA 12K. If it keeps up with the helium in those two categories then it really will be something for RED to be afraid of IMHO. Lets also consider the amazing rolling shutter performance. Its less than half the price of a RED, with cheaper storage, and seems to just be a better camera in every way. So far Black magic really hasn't put anything out there that was this competitive. I think the Pocket 6k could have been very competitive but no one could really take it seriously with the weird ass "Pocket style" body. I am hearing great things about GEN 5 color science too. It sounds like the sort of brown muddy color issue is gone, greens are vibrant, and no more neon blue color clipping. Unfortunately the Resolve update with Gen 5 is only available for Mac right now.
  5. The UMP are going down in price though. I've seen them for a little over 3k on ebay.
  6. I think this camera as long as it is decent in low light and has no fixed noise issues will keep its value for a lot longer than most past Blackmagic cameras, which had issues from day 1.
  7. The OG 4.6k's are getting pretty cheap. I got two now. The BRAW on the mini pro's is probably worth the extra $500-$1000 though.
  8. The big issue with the ursa 4.6K was the fixed noise pattern in deep shadows and higher iso's. If this camera is a win at 3200 iso and with Dynamic range its a RED killer for sure. Combined with the fact that its shooting higher RES than the RED helium at less than half the price. Plus recording straight to SSD's, ND filters, and built in monitor. It just comes down to reliability after that.
  9. I am confident this will deliver 12k and everything else promised. The bigger issue is quality control of course. The camera needs to be shipped on time and without issues. I really love Blackmagic. If their color science and quality control is up there with Arri I think they have a serious shot at making an impact. The URSA was a nice camera but it has a lot of issues. This seems like a completely different beast.
  10. I just want the Pocket 6k in a Ursa mini body with better color science.
  11. If it has a solid 3200 iso and no fixed pattern noise it will be a winner. That said at the price point you may be tempted to get an FX9 or C300 MK3. BRAW is a huge advantage though and if you want or need 8k or highspeed 4k this really is a unique option at a low price point. I am actually more interested in Gen 5 color science.
  12. Wish they could just release the spec sheet. This camera better be super reliable from the get go as it seems to be going after the pro market. The sample shots they are showing now look beautiful. If it can indeed do 4k s35 RAW that is awesome. Lets see how the dynamic range and low light are. I have a feeling the Pocket 6k is going to beat it on those two things though...... Really wish they'd just release a camera like the C300 MK3. 4K low megapixel S35 sensor. Or a 4k full frame sensor like Sony is talking about for the A73. Oh well
  13. I am more pumped for this release than anything else right now honestly! Blackmagic usually delivers the goods. I wish the Sigma FP had full hdmi out.
  14. Stunning footage! I think in terms of dynamic range 12 bit yields cleaner shadows than 8, probably the main practical advantage.
  15. I think the video market will grow not decrease. It will just be more lower paying jobs probably as the work will get easier and easier I suppose.
  16. not that I know of. There's been some sunset footage which could be considered backlit. I was more referring to auto focus performance in those situations tho
  17. Looks nice. Need to see it in backlit situations, underexposed, and fast movement.
  18. The catch is going to be overheating and record limits.
  19. The R6 would be gimbal cam for me, which is always gonna be short takes. That said I might as well get a 1DX MK3. I could use that as a gimbal camera and a camera for any other application (long record times general reliability). Plus it has RAW recording internal. I mean I guess buying a R6 plus something like a Pocket 6k or GH5S is still cheaper than a 1DX MK3.
  20. Wow looks like crap, GH5 is like iphone footage
  21. It should have USB-c output to SSDs like the sigma FP. Micro hdmi on these cameras is just an intentional cripple as well.
  22. Dying in under 10 minutes is pretty bad. Looks like he was probably in a normal temperature room too. That said I am sure 30p and 24p is better and maybe even better in crop mode.
  23. Nothing bakes like direct sun. I'd be interested to shoot in 4k 60p 10 bit for an hour or so and see what happens. That said the XT3 definitely performs pretty well. I had overheating issues a lot with my A6300. I had issues with the XT30, but I assume its due to the smaller body.
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