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  1. Haha
    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from Emanuel in Eyemore S1 video camera Review   
    Imagine this as your b cam and the Fran 8k as a cam 😍😍 #setgoals
  2. Haha
    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from IronFilm in Eyemore S1 video camera Review   
    Imagine this as your b cam and the Fran 8k as a cam 😍😍 #setgoals
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from webrunner5 in Eyemore S1 video camera Review   
    Wow, this camera... 
    F stoppers review
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to IronFilm in What Do Y'all Think of The Kinefinity Mavo LF?   
    I kinda agree with you, and I kinda disagree with you. 

    As we can look at the BMD vs Kinefinity life cycles for quite a lot further back than just the current generation of cameras. Because they've both been making cameras for a while now. 

    And it does seem like a pattern of Kinefinity releasing a camera, then BMD leap frogging them with a product. 

    However.... don't stop there, but play it forward another step. And you see Kinefinity bring out a product which then springs back and beats BMD.

    And so on and so on this loop plays out. (with BMD/Kinefinity each releasing products)

    Thus I'll not at all be surprised if in six months time BMD announces a new camera which looks like it might be able to match up against the Kinefinity Mavo LF but at a lower price? However then it takes another six more months before the BMD product ships and gets it major kinds ironed out. 

    And what has happened during those twelve months?

    Two things:

    1) Mavo LF owners have had a whole year of working and shooting with the Mavo LF, earning money with it and pushing themselves further ahead creatively and professionally

    2) Kinefinity has been keeping busy working on their next camera which they then announce, which is better than anything BMD has ever made

    And so the cycle carries again and again into the future!

    Another alternative way to look at it is like this:

    Neither company is "better" than the other. 

    Instead they've taken two different philosophies as to how to make a camera, and cater to two different market niches. 

    Just like RED and ARRI have their points of difference. 

    Kinefinity has taken a compact (smaller even than the smallest RED build) and power efficient (thus you can use BP-U30 batteries!) approach with a modular design (like RED). A very different philosophy to BMD's URSA series of cameras. 
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to thebrothersthre3 in My work (Tom Pawlow)   
    I keep hearing how everybody just comments on trivial things and complains these days so I thought I'd go ahead and make a thread where I post my creative videos (maybe some of my paid stuff too). I make video's on a fairly frequent basis, so I thought it could merit a thread. Anyways here is a short I posted on youtube recently. I am liking the super short video format lately. Have a bunch of  1 minute short projects planned for this month (for the film riot competition).
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to JordanWright in Tilta BMPCC 4K cage pricing is amazing   
    Cinegearpro in the UK have it ready for preorder aswell as prices for individual parts of the system 
  7. Haha
    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Attila Bakos in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Someone who goes by the name Lucas Mason on LiftGammaGain forums and is using the exact same profile picture He used the name Luke Mason here and has the same style as yours Busted?
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from webrunner5 in Olympus EM1-X Rumor   
    From m43 rumors source
    'The camera is the perfect working tool. It’s worth the high price of $3,000, I guess from what I’ve seen. Lying in the hand like the legendary E-1 (see picture on top). It’s even better balanced than the MKII. You hardly notice the little extra weight. With the 300 F4 as well as with a 45 F 1.8 the camera sticks in your hand as if glued on.
    The sensor exceeds all expectations, as does the stabilizer. The camera has 3 types of high res shoots. What really pleases me is that finally the charging via 15 V USB port works. Then I can finally charge my Powerbanks via solar cells while hiking in Nepal and then connect them to the camera. But the best will be the extremely high data transfer rate when transferring live data to a server over the air.
    The charger charges the battery extremely fast, thanks for the investment of an additional $4.80 in development. for those who have waited a long time, the mc-20 also comes. So, look forward to the launch of the camera at the end of january 2019 and 2 more “small cameras” next year. You will smile when you see them.'
    $3000, damn that's a hard sell. 
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from webrunner5 in Olympus EM1-X Rumor   
    I'm pretty sure its the IBIS, the current EM has up to 6.5? The extra stop would be for the new handheld high res mode? 
    Just had a quick look on their website... looks like it mean IBIS! (EM1 MK2)

  10. Haha
    AlexTrinder96 reacted to webrunner5 in Canon EOS R first impressions - INSANE split personality camera   
    Wow that is crazy as heck! I just read it on the web on the Canon rumors site. Maybe I have been hacked LoL.
    How about maybe this rumor.
    Hell I give up same thing on a different rumor that there is going to be a RF mount Eos Cine camera like hte C100 body.
    Maybe Andrew is pushing hard to sell his Z7 LuT!
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from Mattias Burling in Canon EOS R first impressions - INSANE split personality camera   
    Takes me straight to the EOSHD homepage? 🤔
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to TheRenaissanceMan in Color science   
    Yes, I really wish it were available on the current generation of bodies. Really awesome, pro-level idea, much like what the Varicams offer with wireless CDL creation.
    I think we need to differentiate here between RAW stills color and encoded 8-bit video color, because there is a profound gap in workflow, results, and flexibility between the two. We also need to clarify how we are grading our files, because speed and quality differs wildly between various methods. For example, using the DaVinci color managed workflow gives you a corrected starting point with virtually no work, so all you have to do from there is tweak and do your creative grading. If you're just grading SLOG/SGamut files from scratch with levels and curves, your experience will change drastically. So for the sake of clear communication, let's be very specific when describing how we deal with our footage.
    Another angle to think about: ease of results matters. The Alexa is popular not only for its reliability and image quality, but for its dead simple workflow. In many cases, corporate and commercial work can make do with nothing more than Arri's r.709 LUT, with maybe a small tweak or two. THAT IS HUGE! Saving time, minimizing complexity and miscommunications between set and post (many DPs do not get to grade their own footage!), jumping straight into edit with a robust easy-to-cut codec...these are all enormous time and money savers. Compare that to RED and, while the image quality is outstanding, you have to deal with large difficult files requiring in depth knowledge of their various sensors, color spaces, gamma, etc. So when saying "you can always grade to match," keep in mind that while you often can, it takes time. It takes money. Expertise. More communication with whoever's handling your post. That is why out of camera color still matters, despite all the powerful color tools we have now.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    What I don't understand is how they made that without AF and a flappy screen.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to zerocool22 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    And all shot on tripod, no sliders, gimbals, timelapses, drones. Haa refreshing. Good composition is still the best thing you can do.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Andrew Reid in Big is better!   
    Wonderful video. I'll probably subscribe to his channel.
    How about this for a future trick -
    Project the medium format lens onto ground glass and behind that put two vertical GH5S in 4:3 side by side. One can capture the full height and half the width of the left side of the image and one can do the same but for the right side. Merge in post for 8K medium format!?
    Sliding the camera along like his rig was a great experiment in the lab and result was beautiful, but tricky to use for anything that moves.
    Oh and by the way - his vintage projector is a thing of beauty isn't it!?
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to maxmizer in Big is better!   
    Your thoughts are!!!
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Emanuel in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I firmly disagree. Every single camera needs accessories... Trust me, this camera needs the most affordable accessories you find out there : -)
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Mattias Burling in The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K unboxed and first impressions - Best indie RAW camera yet?   
    I often feel like the critics are asking for BMD to turn the pocket into a camera that they already made, the Ursa Mini.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Mako Sports in Threaded filter holder for 15mm rig   
    Pretty sure most people that run filters on a 15mm rod setups just use matteboxes. Bright Tangerine Misfit atom is supposed to be good iirc.
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to AaronChicago in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Here is the trailer:
    I believe it was the Ultra.
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    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from AaronChicago in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Looks awesome mate 😆
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    AlexTrinder96 reacted to AaronChicago in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I’ll be able to post this video tomorrow but heres a grab from my phone. BMPCC4k w/ Sigma 18-35 + Digital Diffusion FX1.

  23. Haha
    AlexTrinder96 got a reaction from webrunner5 in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    They've supposedly made a 'pyshical analogue solution' that matches technicolour. Not sure whether to laugh or cry tbh. 
  24. Haha
    AlexTrinder96 reacted to matthere in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
  25. Thanks
    AlexTrinder96 reacted to Topcat in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    I shot in F-Log and converted to PQ Rec2020. Actually the F-Log already uses Rec2020 as F-Gamut so really just converting to PQ in Resolve by normalizing with a Bezier curve and outputting ST.2084. This article explains how its done. https://www.mysterybox.us/blog/2016/10/27/hdr-video-part-5-grading-mastering-and-delivering-hdr
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