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    valery akos reacted to Bold in Single Focus Isco anamorphicstore.com questions   
    I have the dirt on this guy.  Definitely look for a different eBay seller.
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    valery akos reacted to IshootbeforeItalk in Single Focus Isco anamorphicstore.com questions   
    over priced seller. I'd stay away.
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    valery akos reacted to Timotheus in Looking for a Rectilux Core DNA or Hardcore DNA   
    People love their precious hardcoreDNA's so good luck ;-) But sometimes there is one for sale, usually at a premium above retail price.
    Ask around in the Anamorphic Shooters group on FB. Good people mostly, and both the developer and EU reseller of hardcoreDNA are active there as well.
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    valery akos reacted to SuperSet in Zhiyun Crane V2 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer   
    Also Sold, thanks fellas! 
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    valery akos reacted to Olivier Vanaschen in Looking to trade an Isco 42MC for an Isco Pre36   
    I'm looking to trade an Isco 42MC for an Isco Pre36. The lens is in great condition, clean optics, locking mechanism works perfectly and smooth focus throw. A Redstan adapter (52mm rear thread), front and rear soft caps are included.
    Please contact me if you have any questions.
    All the best,

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    valery akos reacted to Milton Lopes in And so i joined the party. Thanks guys!   
    Gotta thank you all for everything i could learn since i`ve found and started reading this site and this forum. I'm finishing film school right now, barely finished editing my first Doc, and today is a great day for me.
    Since i've started reading Andrew`s posts on the blog and following the discussions on this forum i started to fall in love with anamorphics. They're pretty hard to find around here and i wanted a small lens, that could fit well in my G7. 1.5x is what i aimed for, as the 4K photo on the G7 only does 30p, and i really preffer the 24p look. After some months monitoring the biggest used gear website around here i've finally came across an YashicaScope 8mm. Converting the price to dollars, it costed me only 100$ and got no scratches, fungus, os dust. It`s crystal clear. Loved that thing and it weights so low it doesn't even make a difference. Unfortunatelly i couldn't buy a clamp yet, as they're non existent around here and doing imports this time of the year in my country is know your gear is gonna fall into a black hole to never be seen again, so all the tests i've done are with me holding the lens with my hand in front of the camera, no good for alignment. But i wanted to share them with you guys, as without everything i've read here along those years it simply wouldn't be happening right now and it is time in wich i could be helping other people, just as you all helped me along those years.
    I've tested the lens with the 14-42mm kit lens, as it was my only lens wich the frontal element was small enough so i could press the anamorphic against the lens without risking to scratch it. I could go as wide as 25mm without major vigneting problems (theres a slight vignete at 25mm, but if you crop from 2.66 to 2.39 it should be gone). It is double focus and i'm still trying to figure out how to do it right, but as it is just a 1.5x lens the focus peaking still worked well enough on most of my shots and it's been easier than i thought it would be, with a clamp it should be better, as i won't have to be holding the lens with my hand. It seemed sharper than i thought it would be based on the few tests i could find on youtube. Here are some frame grabs. First one is 25mm, so you guys can see the slight vignetting. Shots 2, 3 and 4 are at 35mm,  it seemed to me a good spot to shot, as it got no vignetting at all. The last image is at 42mm, the end of my zoom. I've shot all the images on f/5.6. Tried to bring my 85mm f/1.8 with speedbooster to test, but its frontal element was to big and the light leaking made the image a total mess. I did just some quick grade using filmconvert and lumetri.
    Hope you guys like them and sorry about my english, writing and speaking aren't things i fully domain.

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    valery akos reacted to Justin Bacle in Attaching Anamorphic Lens to Rotating Front Threads   
    I you put everything on rails you will be fine  You can also attach a single focus solution so that you don't have to focus the meteor  
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    valery akos reacted to Justin Bacle in 75 GBP vs 750 GBP Single Focus Adapter   
    Hello everyone, let me tell you the story of how I got the cheapest single focus solution. And how it compares to the Rectilux HCDNA (results a the end of the post)
    Last month, I found this anamorphic adapter on ebay :

    It was cheap, and looked like a weird anamorphic projection lens using prisms. So I bought it (Gear Acquisition Syndrome :D).
    Then I took it apart to clean it, and noticed it consisted of two prisms (for the anamorphic part) and some kind of focussing solution in the front.

    So I 3D printed an adapter for it (around 5GBP printed at a local shop) and tried it. And of course it confirmed to be a single focus solution !
    So I had to test it ! Here are the results compared to the hardcore DNA :
    Taking lens : Super Takumar MC 105mm f/2.8
    Camera : Canon 50D
    Anamorphic lens : Schneider Cinelux
    Single Focus Solution : Rectilux HCDNA vs GB-Kalee Small Anamorphic (front part)
    (Same grade applied to all shots)

    Here is a picture of the setup :
    Of course, the GB-Kalee is less convenient : 
    - Minimum focus distance around 1.8m
    - Smaller element diameter (would work better with smaller anamorphic)
    - More difficult to focus (as my copy of this adapter is quite beaten up)
    - Needs a mounting solution for both back and front as there is no filters. (But the HCDNA is similar here are the threads are not standard size)
    So, What do you think ? 
    I personally think this GB-Kalee needs a rehousing !
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    valery akos reacted to mechanicalEYE in Rode Stereo VideoMic X   
    This has been sold.
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    valery akos reacted to Bioskop.Inc in Iscorama 54 Van Diemen Mod   
    Why would anyone want to do this? It's an all metal lens, unlike the the 36 that is housed in some lovely plastic - the plastic is the reason people wanted to have the 36 re-housed in the first place. There's simply no need to re-house a 54, it's perfect as is.
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    valery akos reacted to Zalem in Rectilux Hardcore DNA to Kowa 8z 16H   
    Hi, thanks for sharing the information.

    However, do you feel comfortable tilting down with the HardcoreDNA simply screwed onto the Kowa 16H/8Z? Is using just the provided screws absolutely secure? I am afraid the Rectilux will unscrew and fall to the ground but maybe I am overreacting. Thought about buying an HTN adapter. Cheers.

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    valery akos reacted to Rudolf in Iscorama 36 non-MC: does it exist?   
    The Cinegon is a single coated 36 as well
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    valery akos reacted to Mckinise in FS: Pansasonic GH5 - Like New $1900 - Plus Memory Cards - New   
    Selling Pansononic GH5. It was purchased for a video project that never happened. It has Never been used on a shoot. There have been no photos taken using the mechanical shutter. The only action it has seen was me taking it out of the box and trying out the 6k photo mode and stabilization features.
    This consisted of me literally walking around the house shooting video. It has all of the accessories, manuals, etc. It also has the receipt.
    I also have two Brand New still in the package PNY 128 GB 95 MB/s U3 memory cards. I will sell those for $55 a piece or $100 for both.
    If you purchase the entire lot for $2000 I will throw in a 3rd 128 SD Card. It is a SanDisk 128 GB 90 MB/s U3 memory card.
    I used it for the walking around the house taping and maybe a volleyball game on my G7.
    I accept Paypal. Same day shipping as purchase.
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    valery akos reacted to saed104 in FOR SALE: Century Optics DS-1609 1.33x Anamorphic   
    I’m selling a Century Optics DS-1609 1.33x focus through anamorphic adapter.
    It’s in as good as new condition as I purchased it and used only a few times. It has a step ring to the rear to get it to 52mm from 58mm. It has also a Cavision Clamp adapter to the front to give it 77mm threads from 82mm threads. 
    In addition I’ve made a custom +0,25 diopter (72mm) to focus up to 4 meters.
    Feel free to PM me for price and more info.

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    valery akos reacted to mechanicalEYE in Rode Stereo VideoMic X   
    I have a used Rode Stereo VideoMic X for sale. Excellent condition.

    Will come with the Box, and the Pop Shield and Wind Shield.

    I'm located in the DFW area of Texas

    Looking to get $350.00 shipped within the USA OBO.
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    valery akos reacted to Zalem in FS: Isco Ultrastar Plus 2.1 with Redstan Clamps (Ready for Use)   
    Not for sale anymore as I need it for a shoot... Cheers.
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    valery akos reacted to Jon Foy in Wanted to Buy: Kowa 16H/8Z/B&H/Elmo II   
    Hey, I'm looking for one of these short 2x scopes if anyone has something they want to sell.
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    valery akos reacted to mdominic20 in Iscorama 36 non-MC: does it exist?   
    Thanks guys!
    So if it doesn't say "MC," it might be single coated or it might be multicoated.  That ebay listing looks nice, and definitely looks single coated.  The price seems a little crazy though, compared to other lenses I have seen being sold. 
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    valery akos reacted to PepperJay in Iscorama 36 non-MC: does it exist?   

    Listing photo. Looks non-MC (single coated) like the Pre-36.
    Seems to be the best of both lenses, rear element size and Non-MC.
    This may be an extreme opposite, but it serves:

    Related video of 36 MC vs. Pre-36:

    And a thread:
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    valery akos reacted to Dude_ger in Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)   
    Yeah Isco Göttingen are sharp as fuck.
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    valery akos reacted to Andrew Reid in LUT for EOSHD Log footage and the Chrome look   
    Hold on guys. If anyone is going to create my profile as a LUT and put it on EOSHD shouldn't it be me?!
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    valery akos reacted to William Fanelli in GH5 2.0 firmware bugs   
    There is a bug in new firmware (maybe also in older fw). When you record on 256 gb sd cards, record stop when file get 103 gb dimension. With 150 mbps you record 2 hours so  is  not a big problem, but if you record with new 400 mbps codec, record stop after 34 minutes. If someone know how communicate to Panasonic this bug please do it. 
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    valery akos reacted to BenCoughlan in Near Immaculate Kowa 8-Z + Redstan front and rear adapters   
    Now on ebay guys
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    valery akos reacted to galin in WTB Kowa 16h/8z   
    Hey all,
    I'm looking to build an anamorphic adapter setup, preferably with a kowa 16h/8z. Anyone looking to sell theirs? They're proving to be a little difficult to track down.
    - Galin
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    valery akos reacted to jcs in Aronofsky's Mother! 16mm Genius   
    As I watched Aronofsky's Mother!, I noted how soft and noisy it was, figured 16mm film (it was: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5109784/technical?ref_=tt_dt_spec). Lots of handheld, close follow shots, POV pan-reveals, and overall genius-level unnerving camera motion and editing.
    This is probably his best film to date: A+, 5/5 etc. Camera, color, editing, acting, story, lighting, music, sound, VFX, all top level work. He digs deep into the human psyche / ego / control / fear and doesn't let up 'once it starts' (you'll know what I mean when you see the film). For those who haven't studied psychology, it might seem incomprehensible. However while it works as an amazing horror movie even if it doesn't make sense, it's genius on so many other levels! Worth repeat watching to learn more, it's that good. Recommend not reading any reviews beforehand, and hopefully no spoilers are leaked in this thread.
    [edit: removed the trailer link, best to see it without any fore knowledge!]
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