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LUT for EOSHD Log footage and the Chrome look


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This one's for Andrew (tried twitter a number of times).
I've been shooting with the Chrome look for the past few weeks on my 1DXII (even just finished shooting a complete Tourism Philippines campaign with it, I love the look so much).
I there a way that I can shoot your EOSHD C-LOG and apply a LUT in post to get the Chrome look that you created? I don't mind it terribly that I'm locking myself to the Chrome look but for the future it would be nice to be able to apply the look in post. Hope I'm making sense.
Same goes for a RAW edit preset in Lightroom. I've come very close to replicating it as a preset but having it from you straight so it's the exact same would be even better.
Happy to pay for develop time if needed.
Thanks for reading,

Matthew - @matjoez

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