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  1. How often does this lens pop up? I'm searching now for a couple of weeks, only saw it here for 2k, now I'm thinking I had to pull the trigger on that one...
  2. Thinking of buying this one: http://www.ebay.nl/itm/Kowa-Prominar-INFLIGHT-1-5x-anamorphic-35-lens-like-Iscorama-Bolex-Moller-/263151749882?hash=item3d45110afa:g:8eIAAOSwrGFZladz I was actually on the look out for an iscorama, or bolex moller (I think I like that one the most with the all the footage I saw until now), but this plus a rectilux might be a good option?
  3. I'm very interested, I live in the Netherlands though. I find the price that you paid for it very high though, I thought they were going for around a 1000 euro's?
  4. It is very impressive, I love how they shot that film with the drone only. I really hope they update the Osmo line as well to use the new X5 with it, it would be even more perfect to build in a lightbridge connection so you can monitor (or control) the gimbal from a distance. I wouldn't be suprised if DJI is going to become a camera company, they make awesome products. To bad their customer support sucks, although until now I never had to deal with it.
  5. I kinda agree with DPC, that comparison is really weird. I agree that canon has great colors, but that profile with crushed blacks is pretty extreme. I mean, it's ok as a 'look' I guess, but not really something you can deliver to every client. I'm also pretty curious about work or a reel, this site (especially the forum) is a great resource, but your opinions can be quite harsh and I don't see the actual knowledge and creative skills to back it up, except for a few music vids from a long time ago. This is not meant as a bash or to bully you, but I think it's too much spec talk and
  6. the difference between my footage and his are night and day... I already send the gimbal away, but I know it was perfectly balanced, everything at center gravity. Now Im wondering if I maybe had a faulty unit, or if there was something else to be done. I didn't try any other batteries by the way, didn't even know that that was a possibility...
  7. I've just tried to balance it with a setup I use a lot (24 mm nikon ais lens f2, sony a7s2 and an nd filter, with a zacuto quickrelease). I think that that is too heavy. It's a little bit above the max of 1200 grams and I think I balanced it pretty well, but especially when walking fast it gives a lot of vibrations. Slow moves are mostly ok, some small bumps here and there, mostly workable. Too bad, I'm looking for a gimbal that can handle the 1200 grams. I guess your quite limited in your lens selection with the a7s, need to stick to native lenses. I found the app a bit confusing,
  8. I went ahead and ordered this one, just too good price wise not to try it out. I wanted the Letus Helix Jr. because I love that design and it's more future proof, but if this works than I guess the price difference is just too big.
  9. I cant find a download link, the link here leads me to something called authors vault :p
  10. kidsrevil, I love those shots. Is that straight out of the camera or graded? I wonder how much the tiffen filter effects the image. Don't you use ND or do you stop down with the shutter? Im wondering about this as well, currently the nx1 is my b cam to the a7s (or the other way around, im not sure yet). Im still on the fence wether I should go all sony or all nx1.
  11. Its a good video, I would have loved it a little bit darker and more playing with the light. Also screen direction wasn't optimal (when the boy was running). But it's a great spot.
  12. the one that works, also when its hot outside
  13. I was just thinking about pledging, vasile and otto should just work on their hacks without fear of bricking the camera. I would definitely pay 20 euro's and more (if we see more results) and I don't even own the camera (yet)
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