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  1. Had the same idea and I tried sending the following to the camera with intention to do it before sending the videoquality command was rejected. even did not work, so no idea what it does,,,,maybe also my syntax is wrong? I am very thankful for further ideas or information.
  2. Here are my test results for the good old G6 1. send">mov_60p_50mbps 2. G6 returns ok, indicator on Screen: MOV, also in menu, same behaviour like GX7 (@JBraddock) 3. Press record button -> G6 in runaway state, no reaction on any button 4. send 5. G6 returns the xml file,,,,ok camera still responding to wifi commands 6. send 7. G6 returns <result>err_reject</result> 8. G6 still in runaway state,,, have to remove battery 2nd test 1. send">mov_60p_50mbps 2. start Panasonic Image App und press record button in app 3. App returns something like "recording not possible in this mode" 4. remove battery same behaviour for all mov modes in curmenu
  3. Oh my god, this hack has been on my wishlist for a long time. Now my old G6 finally became a NTSC one and I will spend the rest of the day with a bottle of beer on my patio ? thanks
  4. Hello, new here. Hello to all and thanks to BTM_Pix for this "hack". Earlier in this thread you talked about the multi button diagnostic mode. Could you please explain what it is? Thanks....Michael
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