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  1. Cinelike D is really useful and perhaps a bit more useful than V-Log because it requires not so much color grading to edit! That's why I prefer having higher bitrate and a cinelike D than being stuck with 28mbps with V-Log :\
  2. Made me run to my computer to get a couple of stills. Remember I have the G7 so the cinelike D was always there since the begining. I use -4 / -5 / 0 / -5 on my cinelike D profile Left is cinelike D and right is graded to rec 709 and applied a color grade of my own
  3. Created an account just to thank @BTM_Pix for this incredible digging!! I own a Panasonic G7 and I really feel a bit afraid of pushing the color grading a bit too far since it only records 28mbs, in which case I need to bring out my nx1 which means carrying another camera. IMO I think the increase on the bitrate is more important than trying to nudge vlog. That's just my opinion! Do you think it's doable to perhaps have a FHD @72mbs on the g7? Thanks for all the digging again!
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