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    valery akos reacted to Slothorp in Aivascope 1,5x vs Iscorama 36   
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    valery akos reacted to ed.ge in Hypergonar HI-FI 2 disassembly instructions needed   
    Have a tiny fungal speck I need to clean on the inside of the cylindrical element but I have hard time taking the lens apart. I have disassembled different other models apart...with no problems but this one seem to be a bit stubborn.
    Can anyone provide me with a detailed disassembly instructions either by text or video tutorial? I have looked on the net, can't seem to find anything. Greatly appreciated.
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    valery akos reacted to Roger in Shooting with the Panasonic S1 in Barcelona   
    Iso-test from Griffin Hammond, S1 vs Gh5 and Gh5s
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    valery akos reacted to cristibest in Vintage Lens - Iscorama Pre-36 1,5x - Anamorphic Lens Projector   
    Up 3800 Euro.
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    valery akos reacted to BesVic in ISCORAMA 54 x 1,5 MC   
    I would like to sell this lens (excellent condition).
    Interested ?
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    valery akos reacted to Timotheus in Looking to build an anamorphic 1.33x for Fuji   
    The obvious and widely available option with those lenses would be the SLR Magic Anamorphot-50 1.33x. On the 35mm you could probably also get away with the SLR Magic Compact Anamorphot-40. Beware of the heavy blue flaring. Sharpness gets nice from F4 and up. Vintage (more pricey, rare) options would include LA7200 and Century WS-13. Check out Tito Ferradans' Youtube reviews for all the aforementioned.
    Current high-end option would be the Letus Anamorphx http://www.letus35.com/letus-anamorphx-pro-1-3x-adapter/
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    valery akos reacted to whoisjsd in First test with the New Aivascope V2   
    First test with the new Aivascope!
    I was lent the new Aivascope for a bit to test it out. It was purported be be much sharper and better at fast apertures than the old one. And as you can see in the video above, that is VERY true. It gave me a chance to try one of my new favorite lenses, the Voightlander 40mm f/1.4 Leica M mount lens. The whole video was shot at f/1.4 and around ISO 800 pretty much. There might be a few shots at ISO 400 or f/2.0. The area of Tokyo we were in was very bright and had lots of lights. The Aivascope handled everything, especially the closeups, very well. The only issues I had were some flare ghosting by the B&H Focuser I thew together and a few shots where I forgot to turn off digital stabilization. It’s not bad overall and I’m still happy with the video. It really shows what the new Aivascope can do. It doesn’t flare like the old one, but you still get some nice ones in the right light. The only thing I’m not sure sure about is the “D” bokeh, but it could grow on me.
    Please follow me on instagram for up-to-date posts on what I'm working on! https://www.instagram.com/whoisjsd/
    Tech specs:
    Panasonic GH5
    4K UHD 60fps 4K, CINE-D
    Converted to 24fps
    Voightlander 40mm f/1.4 Leica M mount
    Aivascope V2 1.75x Anamorphic
    Custom Bell & Howell Variable Diopter
    Marumi 72mm +3 Diopter
    Filmed in Tabata, Tokyo.
    Music by me, made in the iOS Launchpad app.
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    valery akos reacted to Dr. Verbel' in SINGLUS – early prototype focus module for big scopes   
    Rear lens - 80mm. Designed for 35NAP family and other big scopes. Can be used also with smaller scopes thru adapters.Tests and footage next week.

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    valery akos reacted to rommex in Freebie: Director's Viewfinder app for iPhone / iPad   
    Hey folks,

    I developed a free director's viewfinder app for iPhones / iPad (poor man's Artemis? ? )
    The suported cameras are ARRI, Red, Blackmagic, Sony, etc.
    It lets you see exact framing for your favorite camera just where you stand with an iPhone in your hand.

    So you can plan your next shoot on location even if you don't have a camera or a lens with you.

    The app features support for:

    - optical adapters (boosters)
    - anamorphic lenses
    - LUTs (M31, Teal+Orange, etc)
    - frame guides

    The app has ads but I tried to make them non-intrusive. Besides, you can turn them off.

    Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

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    valery akos reacted to IronFilm in FD Times: Anamorphic Special May 2015   
    Possibly is old news to many here, but this was news to me, an entire magazine edition devoted to anamorphic lenses:

    This was also a good watch:
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    valery akos reacted to leslie in Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)   
    thank you for the heads up  :)
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    valery akos reacted to funkyou86 in Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)   
    Be very careful with that seller, they scammed me twice, but ebay deleted my comment from their wall, not sure why...
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    valery akos reacted to AaronChicago in GH5s Killing It in Low Light Anamorphic   
    I recently shot a very short film in Chinatown (Chicago). I decided to use the GH5s for discreet purposes. All natural lighting. Zeiss 50mm Master Anamorphic. 3200 ISO VLog L.

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    valery akos reacted to Liszon in Anamorphic Panasonic AG-LA7200 1.33x for sale   
    1900 for the Pana... Bruhhahahaha!
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    valery akos got a reaction from DirectorCH in Rectilux hardcore dna used Schneider Kreuznach anamorphic Lens   
    you're asking way to much for a kit that costs no more than $1500 bro... 
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    valery akos reacted to Andrew Reid in You can also post Wanted To Buy requests   
    Just post as a separate topic, with WTB in the title.
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    valery akos reacted to Tim Sewell in [WANT TO SWAP] Fujifilm X-T2   
    SOLD! (and bought a Leica M4-P instead of the Hexar!)
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    valery akos reacted to whoisjsd in Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)   

    First off... no. I have not seen a red Ultra Star for under $300 in YEARS that was usable quality. They were always higher that the regular ones.

    Second, everything you see for sale now or that has sold in the past few months in that price range are just regular projection lenses. A few gold anamorphic ones have sold for decent prices. SEVERAL Red Stars have sold for $500+ in new condition.
    If anybody asked me, a fair price for a red one is $300. If you can get it for less, get it if the quality is there. Anamorphic projection lens prices have been skyrocketing everywhere, whether you like it or not.
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    valery akos got a reaction from ramon in Kowa 2x Anamorphic for B&H   
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    valery akos reacted to AaronChicago in Ursa Mini 4.6K   
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    valery akos reacted to NewFilmMaker in Isco Optic 2X Anamorphic lens with IRIS   
    I saw this lens in this Forum a while ago, then somehow I won it from Ebay. I got a really good deal, and I believe it is because no one able to figure out how to mount it and make it work. It is hard but I finally figure out a proper way to build a rig for it and it work perfectly. And this lens is crazy sharp!
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    valery akos got a reaction from funkyou86 in Any experience with Mosty SE 16 mm?   
    seems similar to Proskar, Sun, Eiki for 16mm. they"re all good, you can't go wrong
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    valery akos reacted to arthuriee in WTS Fuji X-Pro2 Digital Camera with Zeiss 32mm Lens   
    Fuji X-PRO2 w/ Zeiss 32mm Lens: To Include: (1) Fuji X-PRO2 Digital Camera (Black), (1) Zeiss 32mm f1/8 Touit Lens, (2) Batteries, (1) Battery Charger, (1) 32GB Sandisk SD Card, (1) DaVinci Resolve 12.5 Studio
    This unit is being sold As Is
    more information and pictures are https://claz.org/classifieds/view/fuji-x-pro2-digital-camera-with-zeiss-32mm-lens-rtr-7111592-2xsbxu4p8e3
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