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Iscorama 54 Van Diemen Mod


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Anyone interested in a 54 Mod via Van Diemen?


I am thinking of sending my Isco but maybe there are more owner around and we can ask for a discount.

What do you think?

Anyone got experience with a 54 conversion. Whats the weight?

My contact is felix@imadeafilm.com 

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15 hours ago, FelixLöchel said:

it is not mainly about the rehouse - it is more about the close focus!

Yeah it does look nice - makes it smaller & the close focus sounds good, but for the price you could buy some high quality Diopters of differing strengths & still have some change from £2.5k (lots of change).

The only thing i'd worry about is needing to see samples of the image it produces with the close focus - deal breaker if you're flying blind on that.

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