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  1. Anyone knows something? Tutorials, Pictures, Tips. Thankful Felix
  2. Selling Focar A and Focar B 95mm. Used on Iscorama 54. The B was re-wrapped. Glass in perfect condition. Pick-up in Berlin, shippment worldwide, paypal: yes! ---) contact@dough-studios.com
  3. Looking for a weak + 03 Diopter 95mm for my Iscorama 54. ---) contact@dough-studios.com
  4. I am selling: Voigtländer Focar A + B 95mm (Isco 54) They can ship from Germany wherever you need them. Paypal possible. contact at dough-studios.com
  5. I barely use Full-Frame. Mostly S35 like Ursa Mini, RED etc. Thanks for your answer, helped a lot!
  6. @bio -how about vignetting with 82mm on the Iscorama54?
  7. Still looking for a +0,5 95mm Diopter. felix@imadeafilm.com
  8. Comes together with taking lenses: https://gearo.de/inserat/berlin-iscorama-54-non-multicoated-zeiss-contax-optiken-mieten/ Also available as Full-Anamorphic Package with Ursa Mini 4.6 + Easy Rig https://gearo.de/inserat/berlin-ursa-mini-46k-ef-anamorphic-set-ready-to-shoot-mieten/
  9. Still looking for good diopters for my Iscorama 54 with +0.5. Anyone selling Tokina or Voigtländers? Any advice? felix@imadeafilm.com THANKS
  10. it is not mainly about the rehouse - it is more about the close focus!
  11. Does it impact the image? Any negatives about close focusing an Iscorama? Anyone knows anything? Is there there a mechanic in Germany? I know VD - but would love to stay in Berlin or at least in Germany.
  12. Anyone selling 95mm Diopters? Voigtlander Focar A&B 95mm close up lenses or something? felix@imadeafilm.com thx
  13. Anyone interested in a 54 Mod via Van Diemen? http://vandiemenbroadcast.co.uk/epages/eshop406899.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=%2FShops%2Feshop406899%2FProducts%2F"72%2F7233" I am thinking of sending my Isco but maybe there are more owner around and we can ask for a discount. What do you think? Anyone got experience with a 54 conversion. Whats the weight? My contact is felix@imadeafilm.com
  14. Hi everybody, I am selling my Iscorama pre 36 which I just bought via Ebay recently. My Ebay-Kleinanzeigen offer + pics: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/iscorama-pre-36/734350635-245-3354 The Isco can be checked in Berlin / Friedrichshain I am selling the isco because I am changing to the 54er. I would love to keep both. By taking over costs I accept Paypal & Delivery. Feel free to ask me anything: felix@imadeafilm.com or +49 151 700 666 10 Price is fixed. I payed the same and I just want to get even. cheers Felix
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