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Attaching Anamorphic Lens to Rotating Front Threads


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I have a Meteor 5-1 and use it often with my BMPCC, however the front of the lens rotates with the focus ring making it hard to pair with anamorphics and circular polarizers. However, I love the lens and the want to have a versatile zoom anamorphic. Is there anyway I can attach an anamorphic lens such as the Sankor 16 and keep it vertically aligned while also able to rack focus? Maybe I could take a circular polarizer and remove the glass and attach the anamorphic through that, then use a rail system to support the weight and vertical alignment?


I'm open to anyone's ideas and suggestions.


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The problem with most older zooms that rotate is they also move forward and backward when rotating, making rails impractical as well. If it doesn't move forward and backward then get a tripod lens clamp or a Redstan clamp that has a tripod foot. If it does move forward and backward then I don't recommend it at all for anamorphic use.

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