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  1. Hello! I would be interested in the Lomo 25-80 zoom but I live in Belgium. Would shipping be an option? Is it a PL mount? Could you please give me more details about the optics,... Thanks a lot, all the best, Olivier
  2. Hello! I am selling an Iscorama 42MC anamorphic adapter in great condition with Redstan rear adapter and a custom 3D printed FF gear. The Iscorama 42MC is probably the rarest and sharpest Iscorama anamorphic adapter. It's a single focus unit. You set the taking lens to infinity and focus only on the Iscorama. It does focus from 2M-INF but it's possible to unlock closer focusing by unscrewing a little screw on the focus ring. It covers from 45-50mm taking lenses on 24x36 full frame and 32-35mm on S35. Coverage depends on the taking lens, usually shorter and smaller lenses work best. Front filter thread is 82mm. At the back, a Redstan adapter is installed and offers a 52mm thread. Also included is a custom 3D printed seamless follow focus gear. It might need a little bit of sanding as it's a very tight fit. I didn't install it so you can choose if you want it or not. Soft front and rear raps are also included. Here's a very good review by Alan from VintageLensesForVideo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9dVaEObz7o I'm based in Belgium and will ship by UPS for secure shipping with tracking. Feel free to ask me any questions. Price is 3500 euros, UPS shipping and Paypal fees included. All the best, Olivier
  3. Hello! I am selling an Isco 16/9 Video Attachment II anamorphic adapter. It's a single focus adapter with a ratio of 1.33x which gives 2.35 ratio on a 16:9 sensor. Minimum focus is 1.5m. Are included: 15mm rods adapter, soft front cap, custom follow focus gear, hard case and two Angenieux diopters. I'm selling the lens for the price I bought it because I don't use it enough. It's in good shape, was checked by a local technician. Focus is super smooth, alignment mechanism is solid. There a 1.5mm hit on the front (was already there when I bought it). I couldn't fix it but it doesn't show in regular conditions. Custom printed seamless follow focus was added and it works well with wireless follow focus systems. The adapter is very big but it helps with larger front lenses like Sigma Art or zoom lenses. The look is very beautiful, sharp and round flares less than a pre-36 but more than a 54MC. Quite unique look probably because of the size of the lens. In termes of coverage, I haven't tested smaller lenses but it covers without an issue 35mm in S35 and 50mm in FF. Maybe with smaller pancake style lenses it could cover more. There is no filter thread but I used the included Angenieux diopters simply taped to the lens. It is very easy as they have the right size. The test shots were done on a Sony F3 (no sharpening added). Camera is not included. Price is 1300 euros. Shipping to Europe included. Payment by Paypal. Please contact me if you have any questions, all the best, Olivier
  4. Hello! I'm looking to trade an Isco 42MC for an Isco Pre36. The lens is in great condition, clean optics, locking mechanism works perfectly and smooth focus throw. A Redstan adapter (52mm rear thread), front and rear soft caps are included. Please contact me if you have any questions. All the best, Olivier
  5. Hello! I am selling a Paralinx Arrow Plus package with 1 transmitter and 2 receivers (all HDMI). One of the receivers just came back from servicing at Paralinx. The set functions perfectly and also includes: Shield protector, 2 RX Dtap cables, 2 TX Dtap cables, 1 RX AC adapter, 1 RX usb cable, remote and IR connector, 2 HDMI-HDMI female, original manual and case. Price: 950 euros, shipping to Europe included. For shipping outside Europe, please contact me. Payment by Paypal. Please feel free to contact me for more informations. I can send bigger pictures by e-mail, please contact me by PM. All the best, Olivier
  6. Hello, I am selling a PDMovie Remote Air One wireless follow focus. It is the EF motor version that is best suited for SLR lenses. It works also with cine lenses with soft and smooth focus rotation. Are included: - Wireless remote - Control box - EF motor with 15/19mm adjustable rods adapter. - 4 big antennas - 2 small antennas - rods adapter for control box - carrier strap for remote - metal marking disk - 3 glow in the dark marking disks - pelicase - full cable set Price: 500 euros, shipping to Europe included. For shipping outside Europe, please contact me. Payment by Paypal. Please feel free to contact me for more informations. I can send bigger pictures by e-mail, please contact me by PM. All the best, Olivier
  7. Hello! I just bought the primers for the Sony A7s. What picture profile is optimal? I guess it's Slog2 + SGamut but what about the Knee, Sat, Matrix,... What do you recommend? Do you have a description of the different primers? The website is lacking a lot of information but the results seem very interesting! All the best, Olivier
  8. Hello! I am selling a Leica Macro-Elmarit R 60mm 2.8 lens in great shape, clean optics, smooth focus, clean aperture. It's in Leica R mount (easy to adapt to Canon EF, M4/3, Sony E). Original front metal cap and plastic back cap. Beautiful lens both for macro and portrait, sharp and beautiful leica out of focus and skin tones. It's the "new" version with 55mm front, recent serial (3513233). Price: 650 euros Payment by Paypal or cash. Free shipping to EU (located in Brussels, Belgium). All the best, Olivier
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