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    Geoff CB reacted to KnightsFan in Sony AF Cinema Glass Signifies A Changing Of The Guard   
    I don't know anything about these lenses' performance specifically, but AF in cine lenses as a good thing (if it doesn't compromise MF ergonomics). Extra versatility is always welcome. I'm just waiting for someone to pair an internal lens AF motor with a wireless follow focus wheel that behaves the same as current wireless follow focuses with external motors, but with fewer wires and no extra module requiring a power supply.
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    Geoff CB reacted to kye in Sony 6K Full Frame PXW-FX9/FX6 Leak   
    A couple of weeks ago a lady noticed my GH5 / VMP rig and asked me about it.  Turns out she runs a small studio and is looking to replace her PD170 and "go HD".  We spoke for some time  and it was obvious from the conversation that she hasn't been looking at the tech for quite some time.  Her three concerns were 1) no-one was offering any money at all for selling her PD170 (people were offering $20 and 'novelty' amounts like that), 2) she wanted to digitise all her tapes, and 3) she wanted to get new equipment and was admiring how small the GH5 was.
    Really goes to show how we on these forums are in a little bubble of 4k/6k 10-bit etc, when there are people out there who haven't gone HD yet, and we did the $200 challenge with HD cameras!
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    Geoff CB reacted to Andrew Reid in Sony AF Cinema Glass Signifies A Changing Of The Guard   
    They are stills lenses with breathing and a huge mark-up.
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    Geoff CB reacted to Márcio Kabke Pinheiro in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    A very idiotic choice.
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    Geoff CB reacted to IronFilm in Sony 6K Full Frame PXW-FX9/FX6 Leak   
    That is absolutely insane, should I buy that instead of the Sound Devices 833? ha!
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    Geoff CB reacted to heart0less in Let's discuss computational photography?   
    What really excites me about the whole computational thing is the fact that it clearly shows major breakthroughs are no longer dependent on optics, sensors, but on processing power and software.
    I recently fooled a Camera app into thinking that my dearly beloved Redmi Note 4 is in fact a Pixel 3.
    The results truly amazed me.
    Just like gethin said, those photos may not be the best in terms of color rendering, ability to resolve details (not to be confused with sharpness), but they're good enough, especially for not tech-savvy people.
    I'm just worried that all my gear might become obsolete in 5 years time - I guess it's called 'progress' and 'moving on'.
    ( :
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    Geoff CB got a reaction from Mako Sports in Whats your dream videography kit?   
    A Full Arri Lighting and grip Kit with a van to transport it, and a full time assistant grip.

    Sony FX9

    Sony 16-35, 24-70, 70-200
    Voigtlander 21mm 1.4, 40mm f1.2, 65mm f2, 110mm 2.5
    Angenieux EZ Zoom set
    A 40mm Zeiss Master Anamorphic
    That's about it
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    Geoff CB got a reaction from Govind Vijayakumar in Canon gear advice for pro photographer getting into videography   
    My advice is keep what you currently have. Buy a good video head tripod/monopod, a mic and lavalier mics, a cheap drone, and some video lights. A gimbal if you want to go all out.
    That should cover all your bases at first. If you need to upgrade your cameras go from there. I think soon Canon will be forced to have Full Frame 4k in their morrorless bodies by competition so I would not buy a high end body from them right now. If you want to get a cheap video oriented body for your lenses as a stopgap I would go for the new 90D.
    EDIT: Also make sure your computer and storage are good enough to edit and store everything!
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    Geoff CB reacted to Anaconda_ in Tentacle Sync 'Track E' - New minirecorders with timecode   
    I certainly hope that’s not the case. The app will of course be brilliant, but personally, I would rule these out if there’s no hardware start/stop on the device as well. 
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    Geoff CB got a reaction from Emanuel in Let's discuss computational photography?   
    You can repeat it all you like, doesn't make you correct. 

    Google has "NIght Signt" in their phones. It takes multiple images in a row, analyses them to reduce noise and sharpen them into a detailed final image. It's fantastic tech and extremely useful for non-action photography. Apple is just doing something similar but taking it a step further.
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    Geoff CB got a reaction from kye in Let's discuss computational photography?   
    I use Topaz Gigapizel every single day at work. I constantly have to pull images for ads and for preshows that I make and being able to upscale the image multiple times and get a better result from even basic material saves me I would say an average of an hour each week. 
    You better believe that I would use an AI upscaler in my editing program, or denoiser, or software that could refocus a defocused shot.
    It will change the entire world of media. 
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    Geoff CB reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic refreshes their Video Assist line   
    Braw won't be available at launch, but will come within a few weeks. So far it will only support the EVA-1 and C300ii 
    Both models support 4k60p (UHD) and DCI up to 25p.
    So for an extra 200, you get:
    2 inches
    2 x mini XLR
    2 SD slots
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    Geoff CB reacted to IronFilm in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    No it should not, just set your recorder to the same FPS

    Sure, you could do that as well. But the main point of using the MixPre3 would be for its synced TC which is record triggered by the Z6 over HDMI. 
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    Geoff CB reacted to kye in Best event shooting camera + lens   
    Looks like there are lots of considerations and it also looks like this conversation isn't clear because we don't understand what your requirements are.
    Why do you care about the aperture?  Is it because you want a shallower DoF for separation?  or is it because of exposure? If it's because of exposure, then you must also factor in ISO performance - for example the A7iii might have better low-light with an F4 than a GH5 with an F2.8 Also, an F2.8 on MFT has a DoF equivalent to F5.6 on FF, so a FF camera with F4 would have more separation than the MFT/2.8 combo What about AF? If you're on a gimbal, are you going to have a follow-focus?  If so, what cameras support that function?   If you need AF then you have to match the DoF to the cameras AF ability..  an A7iii will be better at f2.8 than a GH5 might be at F4 (I'm just guessing here) but an OOF shot is probably a wasted shot How many shots do you HAVE to get (eg, you have to include certain specific moments) vs is it a quantity thing where you just need enough good shots for a 4 minute highlight reel If there are certain key moments you have to get (eg, at a wedding you have to get the kiss, but you can afford to miss part of the first dance due to AF issues) then how are you going to make sure you nail them?  If it's follow-focus or AF or deep DoF then you need to think about these. If you have to get key moments then having a longer zoom will mean you have framing flexibility and don't have to swap lenses and re-balance gimbals etc.  Reliability and speed to get the key shots might be more important to you than having a lovely lens that misses the key moments. What shots do you get?  You should be able to tell us that you need a super-wide, a mid, and you need close-ups but at a different time when there's time to change lenses.  If you don't have clarity about what shots you need, when you need them, and how much time you have to setup for them then you don't know enough to buy a camera/lens combo for this work yet. What format and resolution are you delivering in? If you're delivering 4K then you'll need a 4K camera.   If 4K, how many shots can you get away with including of 1080?  maybe if there's a few quick inserts in 1080 scaled up you can get away with it? Do you need slow-motion?  What frame rate?  4K60?  Do you need 120p? If you need vertical video then you need a portrait camera rig, or you need to shoot 4K landscape to crop out a 1080 vertical slice If you're shooting 4K for 1080 delivery, then this impacts your lens choice as you can engage a crop mode on a 4K camera to get extra range.  A GH5 can give a >2x digital zoom in 1080 ETC mode, which means a 12-35mm can deliver 1080 in a FF equivalent from 24mm to around 200mm.   If you need to deliver 4K and can't include any 1080 shots then you're limited to FF 70mm equiv with that lens More likely is you can afford the odd 1080 shot (just extra sharpening in post) so could get shots in the FF 70-200mm range in 1080, but are the shots you need the extra zoom on the ones you can afford to deliver in 1080?  Maybe not. Tell us what you're trying to achieve, what final video you need to deliver, how you shoot it, and what your style is and we'll tell you what equipment you need.
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    Geoff CB reacted to zerocool22 in Best event shooting camera + lens   
    What about the nikon z6? Anybody got experience with this one. Imagewise its ahead of the other mentioned cameras.
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    Geoff CB reacted to BrunoCH in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    Yes it is. In ofx color space transform : input color space is only about input gamut and input color gamma is about gamma. You can find flog in input gamma only because it 's about gamma. And for input color space you need to choose REC 2020 because it's the gamut of flog. 
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    Geoff CB reacted to thephoenix in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    what lenses ?
    add this video that explains the advantage of rcm pretty well too
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    Geoff CB reacted to BrunoCH in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    On the XT3,  2K DCI is not as good as 4KDCI because they are not done the same way. (Skipping/binning vs downscale full read out sensor)  Consequently on  2K there is often moiré on hairs and sometimes a severe moiré on certain tissues. For important work I shoot in 4K and I do postproduction  (edit, colorgrading and output) on a 2K timeline.

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    Geoff CB reacted to IronFilm in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    Would a MixPre3 help swing the decision in favor of the Nikon Z6 again?
    The MixPre3 would auto stop/start recording over the HDMI TC trigger. 

    And timecode means everything would sync up in post faster than you can snap your fingers.
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    Geoff CB reacted to Kisaha in What's the least bang for buck?   
    Put a Canon on every bracket and you will hit 4/5 for sure!
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    Geoff CB got a reaction from Jrsisson in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    Doing shoots and interviews quick and the faster I can go on set and in post for them the better. I have unfortunately had this setup in the past and would forget to hit record on the audio while being in a rush. Would rather press one button to record than 2, and eliminate points of failure during a shoot. 
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    Geoff CB reacted to socs in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    There is a fuji summit x summit in shibuya, JP on Sep 20.  Supposedly on the rumor sites a new mysterious fuji cam has been registered, and at last years summit they took feedback on future xt3 firmware and said they would implement one.  So rumors at the moment.
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    Geoff CB reacted to socs in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    I would wait till September 20 when fuji is announcing some new stuff.  Likely xt3 firmware and maybe new cams.
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    Geoff CB got a reaction from socs in Fuji vs Nikon: Post vs Shooting and the cost of glass.   
    Tempted to wait until the XH2, I thought about the XH1 but the worse video specs and inferior AF turned me off of it.
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    Geoff CB reacted to Adam Kuźniar in Lenses   
    Tamron will announce the new 70-180mm f/2.8 FE zoom in October!

    Honestly Tamron makes Sony so much more appealing to me. Previously I was put off by the price of the Sony lenses
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