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  1. Hey guys, are any of you interested in buying a Pix e5 recorder? It comes with the box and all the accessories including the sun hood and the D-tap cable. Also, It comes with a 960gb Drive and like 4 old NPF batteries. 800$ I still plan to keep my Sony F3. But I have some unexpected expenses.
  2. The price was definitely a hard pill to swallow and I would've definitely save some money IF I didn't choose the Pix e5 (yea I had the option to choose) and went for a video assist for example. They are not going around for cheap so that took a big bite of the budget... But considering the Sony F3 came with the 2 New swits batteries which are like 220$ each and MTF Nikon mount I didn't feel too bad about it. The pix e5 came with a 960gb too so I have storage for days. I used a Pix e5 recorder before and Its just the best recorder in my opinion. The size and the build are truly something s
  3. I did it guys. I went back to the Sony F3! Finally found a descent deal on it. 2.1k for all this. Since I don't need the 4k I was between this, a canon c300, c100, Sony fs5 and fs700. The F3 with 444 has 850hrs and the pix e5 came with 960gbs of storage.
  4. Guys if you were thinking on grabbing a Sony Fs700. Go to Ebay right now and buy whatever you see lol. Caleb just released a new video like the F3.
  5. That’s amazing. I Heard of someone who got a fs700 with the raw upgrade for 450$ a few months ago. I need to keep my eyes extra open lol
  6. Yea, I was considering an Fs7 too. They are starting to go down in price as well and that camera its a workhorse. Also, Im sure that when the fx6 comes out it will force fs7 and fs5 sellers to lower their prices even more.
  7. Its crazy how much power these youtubers have over the prices of older camera equipment... If they are famous and they recommend something the prices always end up going through the roof. I got my F3 for 450$ with a bunch of accessories 2 years ago. I was planning on upgrading to the F3 with the 444 upgrade this year but damn I waited too long and after I sold mine, every other F3 that was worth the price dissapeared . I decided to hold onto my Pix e5 recorder with the hopes of getting another F3 and just wait but ended up selling it (Not a wise decision) since I got a pocket 4k. I want to g
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