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    tweak got a reaction from leslie in What are the best cleanest taking lenses?   
    A 16mm Kowa and a HCDNA is known as a "best" combo because it's widely talked about and everyone just wants to shoot instead of wasting time experimenting. I can tell you now, that although it's a good combo, there's many other scopes out there that are as good and better for a fraction of the price. I think the same is true with taking lenses, the most talked about ones have been driven up in price, but there's tons out there that will work as good or better if you do some searching. Hey you might even find a combo that gives you a look different to that of the norm  . As said earlier, what camera, sensor and look you're going for all play a huge part, there's no definitive answer to which taking lenses are "cleaner or better" without knowing the other variables.
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    tweak reacted to BrooklynDan in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    Yes! This is exactly what I want. Handicam form factor with large sensor and interchangeable lenses. EVF on the back, flippy screen on the side, handstrap for comfort. Winning combo.
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    tweak reacted to BenEricson in Pro camcorder ergonomics - why are they so rubbish?   
    They're worse... Every camera in the 90s and early 2000s at least had a viewfinder and was usable for extremely long periods of time handheld. 
    I think the C70 a better design than the FX6. At least you can throw a loupe on the back and have two points of contact.
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    tweak reacted to Neumann Films in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    I shall redeem myself. A tutorial for how to summon the Squarespace gods should do the trick.
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    tweak reacted to MrSMW in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    It’s easy to stretch these things out with a 5 minute Storybollocks ad.
    Me myself and I are still working on how to get some stock NYC footage into one of my rural SW France weddings...
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    tweak reacted to MrSMW in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    I think the lack of sponsorship by Storyblocks or at least Squarespace reveals so much. 

    As a result, I have liked and subscribed twice.
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    tweak got a reaction from kaylee in The Dark Side of B-Roll   
    *in life.
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    tweak reacted to Video Hummus in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    You forgot to tell me to smash the subscribe button like a psychopath. I gotta say, I’m a bit let down and will not be buying the Ursa 12K.
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    tweak reacted to Neumann Films in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    I’m usually all for it but it’s gotten a little out of control IMO
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    tweak got a reaction from Neumann Films in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    This is 99% of camera reviews on YT.
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    tweak got a reaction from Neumann Films in The Dark Side of B-Roll   
    *in life.
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    tweak got a reaction from PannySVHS in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    This is 99% of camera reviews on YT.
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    tweak got a reaction from PannySVHS in The Dark Side of B-Roll   
    *in life.
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    tweak got a reaction from PannySVHS in The Dark Side of B-Roll   
    You joke but bring up legit issues with so many projects haha.
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    tweak reacted to Neumann Films in CaMeRa ShOoToUt   
    I feel like there is a crowd for these videos here. Apologies for the shameless self promotion though.
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    tweak reacted to Neumann Films in The Dark Side of B-Roll   
    I'm here if you need to talk.
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    tweak reacted to Cosimo in Elegant run and gun light weight single focus camera with its clever invisible clamp courtesy of Guilluame   
    and this was produced mid 50's for 8mm film!!
    No computers! No automated lathes!
    Pure Maths and Master craftsmanship!
    Big LOL at more recent so called anamorphic bogies!

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    tweak got a reaction from Mark Romero 2 in EVO PRO II feedback   
    That shit also drives me nuts.
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    tweak reacted to Mark Romero 2 in EVO PRO II feedback   
    DJI software drives me crazy sometimes.
    There have been times where I check ahead of time to make sure that no Unlocking is needed in the location I am going to shoot.
    Then when I show up, the app is telling me I need to unlock that location. Of course, it is out in the boondocks and I don't have cell service, so I can't unlock the location by phone.
    Then when I get home I look again and confirm that NO UNLOCK is needed for that location.
    The other issues I have is where the "checkbox warnings" (I don't know what they are called, but they ask you to confirm that you are authorized to fly in that area and that you accept the responsibility to fly there), will pop up NUMEROUS times during the course of a flight. Literally, they will pop up 20 times during the course of one battery when i am flying in an area less than 100 meters square. Constantly having to consent to their requirements when trying to film drives me crazy.
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    tweak reacted to BTM_Pix in New DJI Ronin RS2/RSC2 offer ToF AF function   
    Thank you.
    They were going to be supported eventually.
    Maybe we've managed to put "eventually" into the microwave....
    Something like that would be nice wouldn't it....
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    tweak reacted to John Matthews in iPhone 12 Pro Max - "ProRAW" and 5 axis IBIS   
    That ibook was the G3 one as you can tell by the lettering (Apple Garamond). The G4 (I still have and use mine just for fun) had the Myriad font on it. They were great little machines... I love the fact they have a 3:4 aspect ratio screen and fairly detailed. Got mine in 2004 and it still runs fine. I just prefer Apple's concept for computing back then.
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    tweak got a reaction from John Matthews in iPhone 12 Pro Max - "ProRAW" and 5 axis IBIS   
    I had that computer as well, I think it was my longest serving mac. I also purchased the camera top left last year haha.
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    tweak reacted to majoraxis in The Panasonic DC-BGH1 camera soon to be announced   
    Seems to me it’s the sensor and codec that is the issue.  If this had a pocket 6k sensor (yes with the m4/3 mount) and BRAW it would be a best seller.  People know what they want and will purchase without hesitation when the right product is available.
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    tweak reacted to John Matthews in iPhone 12 Pro Max - "ProRAW" and 5 axis IBIS   
    The world is shit. People are shit. The end. Do you like my film proposal? Inspiring, isn't it? 🙂
    I've heard the arguments for and against phones, social media, and gaming... On Sunday, I heard Leo Laporte talk about it again on the radio. I listen to other podcasts where they talk about it. I'm in my mid 40s and I too have struggled with issues with addiction to gaming, phones, and social media. I have real world experience with the "future leaders" of the world. My optimistic conclusion for the moment is looking more and more like WALL-E, the Disney/Pixar film. I don't knee-jerkingly say "everything new sucks." That's not me.
    Just embracing everything tech can have its own issues. For one, humanity's demise. Remember, tech is often used for controlling people, winning wars, and total domination. Now, is it all innocent and good?
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    tweak reacted to kye in Youtube 4K quality is so poor you might as well shoot 1080p   
    Yes, this is a big claim.
    Allow me to explain how I came to this conclusion, and prove it to you.
    First off, the evidence.  This is a video containing 5 compositions that were each shot with either 2K, 2K (and processed in post), or 4K.
    It should be easy to tell the difference - so see if you can tell!
    Not so obvious is it....
    In the video I encourage you to download the video and pixel peep, please do.  
    I have pixel peeped the shots directly on the timeline in Resolve, in the output file I uploaded and the YouTube file I downloaded.  It took me zooming in to 200% and finding the place in the video with the finest details, to be able to see the differences, and I know which is which!
    Now, the details, to show that the test is valid.
    I shot each scene with the GH5 and 42.5mm Voigtlander (stopped down several stops) in either:
    4K 422 10-bit ALL-I 400Mbps mode 2K 422 10-bit ALL-I 200Mbps mode (with Resolves Super Scale) 2K 422 10-bit ALL-I 200Mbps mode (with no processing) I exported the timeline to an RGB Uncompressed 10-bit file (65GB - 6,500Mbps!!) and compressed that file using ffmpeg to a 4K 10-bit 422 IPB 225Mbps h265 file, which was then uploaded.  I tried uploading an 10-bit 422 ALL-I file but YT only interpreted that as 1080p.
    YouTube then compressed that 225Mbps file to the pathetic 10.42Mbps file you see if you watch the above YT video in 4K.
    As far as I can tell, there's nothing I could have done differently to get a higher quality result out of YouTube.
    But what about other platforms or delivery methods?
    This is just YT.  If you pay for Vimeo, or deliver via any other mechanism that has a higher bitrate than YT this thread should make you feel better about that!
    But 4K is useful for things like cropping in post!
    Yes, and this test doesn't apply to doing that.  I've tested how much you can upscale an image without it being visible in another thread / test (spoiler, it's something like 150%) but let's leave that aside for now.
    But YouTube supports 6K and 8K and ......
    Sure, and when people start watching YouTube with their 6K and 8K TVs then they'll start to benefit from that.  Until then, they're getting the 10Mbps file above.
    Are you saying that a 4K camera is not required?
    There are advantages to having a >1080p sensor.  Downscaled video is much nicer, and there are times when shooting in 4K or higher can have advantages.....
    So, when IS it useful to shoot in >1080p?
    Lots of times:
    Cropping (significantly) in post Overcapture for things like stabilisation If your cameras 1080p isn't that great (which is most cameras TBH) etc. I have nothing against 4K or higher resolutions except that I think most people are making their life harder than it should be thinking that they're somehow getting better results when for many people it simply doesn't matter if they shoot in 4K or not.  This was me.  I fell for the hype, and have gradually been doing tests like this to actually see for myself what is true and what matters - rather than just believing the marketing hype from the camera industry.
    Ultimately, the lesson here is that what matters is that you publish in 4K, not that you shoot in it.
    Let the questions and comments (and flame wars from resolution fanboys and fangirls) begin...
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