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  1. ​Found out today Blender supports editing NX1 files directly! Getting there! Somewhat, with a semi-mainstream NLE.
  2. ​Are they? Impressive if so, as Samsung has a huge manufacturing capacity I'd presume.
  3. No doubt for sure here that I'd go with an A7s if on a tight budget and filming at night! There is nothing quite like that. Sure, the record button is in a slightly odd place, but after a bit of practice you'll be able to reach for it like second nature. Also, I suggest strapping a small LED light to your wrist, so you can just tap it and then see your way around. Is very handy having this for night filming in pitch black. For filming on a boat as a one man crew, I doubt I'd use a Shogun with the A7s. At least not until you've got plenty of experience with it on the land first.
  4. A lower megapixel count sensor? Would be awesome! But that might have meant developing an entirely new sensor, which means a hugely additional cost.
  5. A BMPCC (*NOT* BMCC or BMPC4K!) *could be* the right first camera for a a very keen filmmaking student (which maybe he is? After all he is here posting on EOSHD). However, the average filmmaking student would be much better off served getting an A5100 / A6000 / G6 / GX7 / D5200 / NX500 Or if they're a rich student (such things exist??) An A7s / GH4 / NX1 instead.
  6. Keep an eye out for when the A7000 gets announced soon? Should be well specced, and I think it should likely be easier to make the A7s match the A7000 than to make the A7000 match over non-Sony cameras. If you have to get it asap, then get the A5100 or A6000 instead for now (I picked up my A5100 for a mere US$310 btw, when on sale). The pricing of the A6000 seems about right to me really for your needs, given you still need to budget for everything else from only a relatively small amount of money. Spend a grand then on lenses (I suggest the Sony 18-105mm f/4 as a general purpose run and gun
  7. http://www.redsharknews.com is owned by the makers of Lightworks, but I don't mind that. As they seem to be fair enough in covering their competitors, plus they cover way way more than just the little niche they're in of NLEs (reviewing cameras, other tech, and other filmmaking news, etc). RED + BMC = way too close that overlap is! Can't say it can't be done though, they could pull off running both. But it is an extremely tricky tightrope to walk to manage the temptations, and it seems initially they're not quite managing this?
  8. ​As a GH1 owner myself, I'd love to see a direct head to head between the GH1 and the NX1!
  9. Wait... WHAT?? The president of RED also owns bmcuser???? :-o OMG, I could see how if you're not careful that could be a huge huge conflict of interest. I suppose it is kinda ok when the BMCC still fell very short of of a RED (no 4K or higher resolution, no higher than 30fps frame rates, just to mention a couple of aspect) but now with the URSA, you have to wonder if Blackmagic Design continues to push into the high end but at radically under cutting prices.... how will this impact bmcuser when they're owned by the president of RED?? Imagine if BMCC announces at NAB a Super 35mm camera whic
  10. ​Yup! Sometimes I wonder why I even purchased any more other cameras after my Panasonic GH1.... it is still a fine camera! I think next wedding season I might simply just go with 5x GH1, would make my life easier to have them all match too.
  11. ​That is my concern, that NX1 bodies and lenses will have very poor resale value on the 2ndhand market. Though I don't mind that if it means I can make it work for me in my favour.... ;-) By buying up one at a significant discount 2ndhand rather than getting it new, unfortunately it seems NX1 cameras can hardly be found second hand and not at any significant discount. Which makes this a point in the GH4's favour when it comes to buying one secondhand. ​If you're mainly shoot video (which is the case for most people on this forum) your lens set should be chosen so that you've got a great de
  12. ​Unfortunately I don't regard Powerdirector as one of the main players, needs to be Final Cut (well... I don't use a Mac, so no good for me!) or Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas to add support for H.265 so that the NX1 can become a viable option for me to own. Heck, even Avid / HitFilm / DaVinci Resolve adding support for editing with H.265 I'd regard as a more significant development than Powerdirector, and could be enough for me to get a NX1.
  13. ​I went from a D50 to a D5200 and I'm very happy! :-) In both stills and obviously video too! (although, I already had a GH1 too) Check out Andrew's review on this website and the article on D5200 vs 5Dmk3, is what sold me on getting one. Use it now for weddings, short films, music videos, and corporate work.
  14. Sweet! Next step, we need a major NLE to support H.265 (I've heard Powers Director does? But that hardly counts). Then GPUs to offer hardware acceleration. Is going to be a tough choice for me which of A7s / NX1 / GH4 to get this year as my next A cam upgrade. But if the NX1 gets NLE support and a focal reducer, that will seal the deal for me. Otherwise I guess it depends on which of A7s or GH4 gets the biggest upcoming price drop first.
  15. I'd love to get a Sony FS7! But: 1) it costs as much as FORTY NX300 cameras would be in relation to what i paid for that NX300! Waaay outside my budget. Maybe in another year or three :-) 2) isn't right for my needs, I nee​d multiple cameras for coverage. Thus my interest in sub $300ish cameras. Is highly likely for me next wedding season it will be Panasonic GH4 + 5x Panasonic GH1/GH2 BUT there is a slim possibility I could go for Sony A7s plus several Sony A7000 / A6000 / A5100 bodies for the other angles (this is my preferred option for my wedding set up!! Which is kinda affordable. But I t
  16. Well, others disagree. And I'll soon be able to see for myself. And at the dirt cheap price Amazon was selling it, I've got zero doubt I could resell it locally second hand and make a profit on it, if I'm unhappy with it. Plus the NX300 offers unique features over the GH2 (or any other comparable camera), and that is unique hacking possibilities (as it basically runs Tizen) plus it is easily the cheapest entry point for dabbling with 3D filmmaking (that isn't simply a 3D point and shoot).
  17. Amazon is having a bit of a special right now on the Samsung NX300/NX1000/NX2000 Picked up one for myself, if it is as good (or even better) as a GH2 (as some people have said...) I'll be very happy! Plus it makes for a very cheap entry point into the NX system, who knows... I might get a NX1 later this year? (still haven't made up my mind about NX1 vs A7s vs GH4! Leaning strongly towards GH4, but in no rush at all to buy an expensive top of the line mirrorless camera. I'll probably go for whichever one gets the first *big* discount price drop this year) Rather a pity about their lens mount, i
  18. ​ Holy crap, look at that dynamic range @‌50s in! That must surely be a composite shot? Am guessing so because it is locked off, and he shot it at two exposures (one for indoors, one for the track outdoors), then combined them together in post.
  19. Ah... interesting idea! But I don't have any of that type of Lego. And given the price of Lego, I think it would be cheaper to not go down that path!
  20. Add the Nikon D5200 too for an option to consider at the low end, a nice matching/complementary camera to your D600 too.
  21. Nah, get the BMPCC, together with the Rokinon Cine DS 16mm / 24mm / 50mm lenses (in Nikon F mount) plus an RJ Lens Turbo. Simple, cheap, but great set up. Gets you learning with raw.
  22. Well.... I'm in a bit of a pickle. The Sony A5100 doesn't seem to put out over HDMI zebras or guidelines?? And the monitor I'm using on this gimbal doesn't have the options to do it for it. Or am I missing something, is there a way I can make what I see on the monitor be exactly the same as what the A5100's screen would show?? As I'm wanting it to show the 1.85:1 guidelines just like on the back of the screen of the camera itself.
  23. That is why I have had for the past year a smaller quad (with an SD camera on it) to practice on :-)
  24. Xavier / 1tkman / Cinegain: I'm in NZ, which is a tiny market, kinda rare for a 2nd hand DJI Phantom 1 to pop up and when it would, the price would be far higher than a CX-20. Even though it seems to me the CX-20 is better featured. So especially don't see the point of paying extra for essential just a "brand" name. And the fact the price of CX-20 is under the threshold for customs tax into NZ is making me seriously consider it over the others. Cinegain: of course! Using a GoPro as I said in the first post, because I've already got a GoPro 3 Black Edition that I got last year. My time frame is
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