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  1. ​Well you can tell Noam Kroll that.... http://noamkroll.com/watch-my-full-samsung-nx1-4k-video-review-side-by-side-lumix-gh4-comparison-here/
  2. IronFilm

    Nikon 1 J5

    http://nikonrumors.com/2015/04/02/nikon-1-j5-mirrorless-camera-officially-announced.aspx/ Well this is very interesting..... 1200fps!! But with some insanity: 8:3 aspect ratio wtf, an ultra ultra low resolution, and it gets played back at 30fps Edit: oh, I see the J4 had the same 1200fps too, and at a higher resolution too! (Only very very slightly so... thus still ultra ultra low!)
  3. IronFilm

    Nikon 1 J5

    While Danyyyel makes a fair point for optimism, I am still stunned that they'd released such a half finished camera! 15 wtf fps!!!!
  4. 10mm is not such a luxury wide angle if shooting with a BMPCC
  5. Canon has hinted that if ML ever touched their cinema range they'd rain down on them legal hell. So nah, is not going to happen! The ML team is moving on to work with Axiom and Samsung NX1 instead.
  6. You also left off "worse low light"! No WiFi either, which is a gimmick for many, but very handy for others (I quite liked it while using the A7s).
  7. ​Doubt it. I've already heard of a few people picking up a Samsung NX1 new on eBay for $1200ish. Hopeful I'll see it drop to sub $1k second hand within the next few months.
  8. ​Oh snap! The wedding video person I second shoot for also has a 7D! And I too was just recommending to her tonight to consider the LX100 instead. (oh and is "dbp" your initials... ? If so, there is yet another coincidence.... :-P )
  9. True! Good points about their innovations in other areas, and "throwing stuff to see what sticks".
  10. I highly doubt this is true, as I doubt a big consumer company like Samsung which is only a new entrant to the semi pro market would consider such an extreme niche camera model (it was a bold and brave move by Sony to make the A7s! But maybe Sony going first might make it easier for Samsung to follow? As they can clearly see what a success the A7s was. But on the flip side, is the market big enough for "two A7s" models?). However.... this doesn't stop me holding out hope it is true!! Would solve my dilemma of which to get of NX1 vs GH4 vs A7s
  11. Wernst, you are wrong. That photo from 4Kshooters.net is not of an A7s, it is instead of a C300 (or C500). http://www.4kshooters.net/2014/09/09/supercharge-your-4k-sony-a7s-with-the-cinoflex-type-a7s-camera-system/
  12. This isn't a GH4 competitor! Not even close. At best will be a FZ1000 competitor. Canon is disappointing again.
  13. ​You can't just say "go APS-C", as there are many more factors to consider! For instance would moving to a 60D be an "upgrade" from his GH3/GH4? Oh hell no! Also, where is the T0.95 for APS-C DSLRs? Doesn't exist! But it is very nice on my BMPCC/GH1 :-) My intention for next wedding season is to go with mix of GH4/GH1 bodies (maybe one GH2 too, maybe even an AF100/AF200). A slim possibility I might go with NX1/NX500/NX300 instead, but it won't be for the ASP-C sized sensor.
  14. ​APS-C lenses on a focal reducer do cover m4/3, so I'd be surprised if the 10mm doesn't work. So I'd vote for the 10mm or possibly 16mm, on a RJ Lens Turbo. Though personally I'm quite happy with my Tokina 11-16mm on a RJ Lens Turbo :-)
  15. It won't work in A or S mode? Adapted lenses work just fine in those modes on my Sony A5100.
  16. At best, this might be a somewhat decent competitor vs FZ100 and RX10. But I'll be skeptical if they manage it, hope they do! Would be nice to see more competition in that market. However, this certainly is no way at all the "GH4 competitor/killer" which was rumoured to come from Canon.
  17. Check out Jahshaka, Blender, and Lightworks.
  18. Totally and blatantly FAKE! The PDF was awful.
  19. ​It helps a *lot* for a camera to have (at least) one "killer feature" for it to get attention For instance the GH4 was first (ICL at a non-insane price) with 4K. Killer feature! A7s has insane low light. Killer feature! NX1 lacks a similar "key feature" that can instantly sell itself to the average joe out there. 240fps FHD would be that!
  20. There is nothing really "new" in the link I just shared. But the fact Noam Kroll posted this (a guy who almost never posts rumours) lends a lot of weight to this likely happening in at least some kind of form. Which makes this all the more exciting. @DigitalEd or at the very least it would put a lot of pressure on JVC to drop its price hugely. Certainly, it makes no sense to buy a JVC now before April the 13th! (I'm counting down each day.... although such a camera is well outside my current price bracket, but of those specs are legit I'll have to make an exception somehow!)
  21. Remember even if these rumours are "real" and it does launch with those specs, it is just marketing spin. So 16+ stops dynamic range might turn out to be "just" 13 stops. And ditto clean 12,800 ISO, might be 6,400 ISO instead But hey, if that ends up being the reality instead, I'll still be very very VERY happy about that! :-D
  22. From Noam Kroll: http://noamkroll.com/the-rumored-4k-panasonic-af100-replacement-is-said-to-have-some-amazing-features-is-it-too-good-to-be-true/
  23. Bet it will be a cross between a FZ1000 / C100 / RX10 / LX100 / PWX-70, yet still priced closer to a C100 than a GH4 Probably not too excited, but it may help prevent some of the leakage away from Canon.
  24. ​That is very very silly if you think an old 5Dmk2 is better than all of GH4/A7s/NX1. Heck, I think it is even debatable if the stock 5Dmk2 is truly that much better at filming than even the original GH1 (which can be got for a mere $150 now on eBay).
  25. ​SAY WHAT?? :-o Oh my goodness, both NX500 and LX100 have a 15 minute limit? (for 4K/UHD)
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