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  1. Makes a great point, I agree! I hope for Batman vs Superman they use a contrasting mix of saturated vs a darker look.
  2. So "outfit a studio" doesn't include any costs to actually outfit the studio in terms of non-camera gear? (or lights/batteries/cards) As even that, can quickly add up to a lot, as a photographer in my city detailed earlier this week on Petapixel (she is very impressive, still a teenager!): http://petapixel.com/2015/04/20/how-i-built-my-first-photo-studio-over-the-course-of-three-months/
  3. JazzBox, how did you manage to get your hands on an early pre-production copy?? :-o
  4. Depends hugely on your specifc needs, current and future clients. Plus does this include the various start up costs for a business? Marketing? Setting up an office and studio space with a green room and sound proofed room for recordings? All of these can very quickly eat into your budget. Leaving not much at all behind for gear! So thus the suggestions in the other thread makes lot of sense then even in the context of this large budget. Get a FS7 or URSA Mini as the main camera, plus a NX1/A7s//BMMCC as the supplementary cameras.
  5. ​Fair enough, that makes sense ;-) But does the budget have to go only on a single camera? Maybe spread it around on other needs.
  6. jax_rox, I'd say it is because of the weakening AUD. Our NZD is almost at parity with yours!
  7. He'd mean filming weddings. Which is a big area for some people, such as myself.
  8. Go with Sony A7 or Nikon D600. (Or even D700, if you really don't care about video) However, I personally would suggest just not bothering with so called "full frame". ESPECIALLY if you're on a restrictive budget.
  9. What on earth are you on about? None of these lenses have "dispensed with the aperture", that doesn't make sense. Of course they have an aperture, even fixed aperture lenses such as the Olympus 15mm body cap lens have an aperture (f/8 in this case). But it sounds like you're just referring to typical Nikon G series lenses, which is what I was addressing in what you quoted from me.
  10. No. Won't happen. Only new ones which will get shipped this year is the ones that just got announced at NAB (fingers crossed). If you want a BMPCC v2, then get the BMMCC with a BMD VA.
  11. This is the awesome thing about Nikon F mount lenses, they don't need *any* electronics for controlling aperture! :-) Just uses a simple mechanical lever. Thus their adapters are waaaaay cheaper and waaaay more reliable than the ones for Canon EF.
  12. ​Weird..... as back in December there was the roughly $2k amazing deal for the A7s + metabones + kit lens for Australians. I tried really hard to get in on that deal.... sadly it failed, as I'm a kiwi! :-P (but was trying to get my cousins to get it for me)
  13. Having max fps at max resolution is nice, but also include max fps at FHD/HD too please!
  14. FS7 might be overkill? Depends on where you're at. But it sounds like it would be your first interchangeable lens camera. And cameras are moving forward so far. Maybe just get a C100 for now, or heck an AF100 for less than a grand on eBay.
  15. ​Please do a workshop for Samsung! Would help bring NX1 even further into the spotlight and get adopted more widely.
  16. Once they're shipping, then if you need/want a camera *now* then get one and shoot with it. If don't need/want one, then don't get one. You can't predict the future, BMD will surely release a great camera or two next year, but will it be one which meets *your* needs specifically? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows. Likewise, how much longer until the new camera will have the wrinkles ironed out enough? Meanwhile, a camera you get now will be sorted.
  17. ​The reason they do this is because there is a market for them to offer this cheaper options, thus it is in their interest to serve them too which expands their customer base and increases their company's revenue. Which enables them to do even more in the future. However... the cost to physically redesign the hardware and offer different actual hardware configurations is waaaay too costly for a small niche item. While doing it in software is relatively cheap, just go to flick off a setting here and there.
  18. I agree, but... "low budget" doesn't always just mean cash. It can also mean time poor, or short on manpower. Often you might need to do a whole shoot in just a day, or even half a day, or sometimes simply just got an hour to do it. So if you can do it with a simple set up with just something you yourself can juggle at the same time, then that is a great bonus. It is a nice comparison with the BMPC4K for many people it will make that decision easier, as it is essentially the BMPC4K and improved in nearly every way (except for in a few areas such as the recording media is now better, but
  19. ​ No, different sensor. Different performance. Worse dynamic range. The studio camera is for studio use.... where you can control the lighting and not looking to squeeze out max dynamic range.
  20. Doubt SSD would happen in a future 4K recorder, but instead CFast. However having CFast *and* SD would be nice. Recording the main 4K ProRes HQ to the CFast card, with the SD for a backup ProRes 422 1080p.
  21. I can see their logic however, for the longer term CFast would make sense. As they're better, and with time prices will come down. What I wish is if they'd instead replaced one CFast slot with a SSD slot? Then you could use the SSD one as a cheap back up recording, or as your main recording if you're a broke as cameraman....
  22. Yup, that is one of my points. :-D Maybe instead of viewing the URSA Mini as an investment on the same scale as a Sony FS7 would be... :-o I can instead view it as a fantastic high quality 1080 camera at an affordable price, via the pairing of URSA-M4K + BMD VA. Use the Blackmagic Design Video Assist for the waaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper media!! That way I could record to SD cards which I already own for my BMPCC. vs spending thousands and thousands on CFast cards. I'd only get merely *ONE* CFast card (or maybe two... perhaps a 128gig card, and a 64gig card as a backup card kept in the gear bag). W
  23. Is a pity the initial assumptions about the leak of the URSA Mini was wrong with $3k for 4.6K and 15 stops of DR, as it is actually $3k for the old sensor. While the fully kitted out 4.6K version goes for nearly the same as a Sony FS7!!! And then you add on CFast media, which further jacks up the total cost sky high. And while I don't really want the old sensor (the BMPC4K had rather little appeal to me at its price, because I've got a wonderful BMPCC), perhaps a decent case can be made for the cheaper URSA Mini option with a 4K sensor? Because I am giving serious consideration to the URSA Min
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