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  1. Darn, hoped it was permanent and there would be further price drops yet to come.
  2. Am in perverted in hoping the URSA Mini 4.6K will *not* blow our minds away with image quality and performance? As then it will make it easier for me to resist spending a huge sum of money! lol
  3. ​Not so, this one isn't just behind a glass case, it also gets played with a hands on: ​ There is lots of videos like this. For instance also in this interview you can see the guy is actually using it, and looking through the EVF: http://www.cinema5d.com/talk-blackmagic-ergonomics-ursa-mini/ Plus there is the real world footage shot with the new sensor by Captain Hook which is online: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicursa So ​while it is very tricky to predict exactly when they'll ship, I'm not seeing anything here which is making me doubt it any more than usual.
  4. I bet in 12 months time this will be the almost perfect camera for me! (but.... still a pity about the lack of ND filters, and no m4/3 mount) As in 12 months after shipping, I'll be able to get it for a grand or two cheaper (either on a sale, or by that point in time there will likely be a few floating on eBay at a good price), and CFast media will have become cheap enough to consider. (plus I think it is too early days anyway for me to spend this much on a camera, need to build up myself and my work a bit more)
  5. The Ninja 2 however has waveforms and vectorscopes, which some could argue are much more important.
  6. I own a NX300, and I expect the newer NX500 would be better. It does 4K too.
  7. Hmmm.... I'm also kinda tempted to pre order too... also something I've never done before!!
  8. It appears the URSA Mini can't have a swappable sensor, only the original URSA.
  9. ​I agree, if this had m4/3 mount instead like JVC has done, then I'd find the URSA a lot more appealing! I might even be able to overlook its lack of NDs, as I could then regain this via an adapter (though no such luck when using native m4/3 lenses unfortunately. Really, it should have m4/3 mount *AND* built in NDs, like the JVC has). MAYBE they'll add NDs at the last minute, because so many people have complained about it. And maybe maybe a future version will be in m4/3 mount, like with the BMCC EF and then later the BMCC MFT. However... they've had the BMPC4K out for a while now, and nev
  10. IronFilm


    FT2 is a super low rating, so pretty unlikely.
  11. The new Premiere has an option to export as H.265, still unknown as to if editing in it is happening or not.
  12. Currently there are more cameras than you can shake a stick at which can 95% beat the XC10 for much much less (RX10/LX100/FZ1000), or 200% beat it for a similar price. (GH4/A7s/NX1) So you have to fit into a very weird tiny little niche, not to want either side of those two alternative options and instead want the XC10. And once the Sony RX20 is released I bet that camera will then beat the XC10 125% for half the price. Which will leave the XC10 with no niche whatsoever to fill, not even the little tiny weird one it might fill right now. Heck, it could be argued the Sony AX100 (with Sony
  13. Heh, I recently worked on a two day wedding where we used 3x C300 + 2x BMPCC + 2x 5D
  14. Ed David, you want the F35 chip in new cameras..... but why?
  15. Jimmy, the XC10 has ND but..... only ONE setting :-/
  16. At the sky high price of the XC10 I'd rather spend a little more and get an old second hand C100 and glue a 24-105mm f/4 to it. But yeah..... not going to do that either. Instead seriously looking at the Samsung NX1, but waiting to see what NAB brings.
  17. It already exists.... is the Sony FS7, and it is even cheaper. This is not the same marketplace as the one the original C300 was released into, when rental houses / studios / owners were hungry for the new large sensor video cameras. As so few existed. Now there are heaps and heaps of competition that the C300mk2 will be facing, even including the original C300 itself. Heck yeah, if they're kinda true and hitting the rumoured $3k-ish price point then I will have to very very seriously look into getting one (my first non-DSLR/MILC higher end camera).
  18. ​Classic case of salespeople talking utter BULLSH*T! Which I put down to 95% them simply wanting to make a sale at any cost, and 5% due to being utterly clueless and out of touch. As seriously come on... do you really believe the 16-50mm f/2-2.8 (which sells for merely a little bit more than US$1k) could perfectly cover FF too?
  19. So you press record and *then* you need to activate it again??
  20. Trust me, it is not true. Somebody made it up, and it really isn't that hard at all for a person to create such a mock up.
  21. Does focus peaking still disappear when you hit record?? :-/ (I've noticed that on my NX300, but I thought that had been fixed on the NX1)
  22. ​Is more like 0.8-0.9% chance....
  23. Appears to be a permanent price reduction too, not a one off sale. If this means second hand prices of the NX1 drop under $1k or NX1-LX is coming at NAB, I'll be happy with either to happen! Just got my NX300 and Samsung 30mm f/2 pancake lens, looking forward to dabbling with this to see if I want to jump to the NX system :-)
  24. If the A7s mk2 doesn't at least have internal 4K I'll be very disappointed. However, I regard it as unlikely it will come out at NAB. At best will be late this year.
  25. AF100 / FS100 successor is the big thing I'm looking for here. Something with XLR + dual recording to SD cards + NDs is what I want. With at minimum GH4 quality image. Preferable in a form factor no bigger than a C100 (as I found the old AF100 / C100 to be a tad too big).
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