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  1. Oops.... stupid typo on the tablet while I was half asleep in bed... I *do* know it is NX mount! :-o
  2. Holy moley, HALF OFF! Wish I could get a piece of that action....
  3. I am very seriously looking at this cage: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Top-Handle-Grip-With-Camera-Cage-Strap-Kit-For-DSLR-Panasonic-Lumix-Camera-GH6-/271713319061 I am ​hopeful to use it with my D5200 and A5100 currently, then a GH4 when I later get it. And leave the door open for possibly using it with a NX1 too. I've been having a careful look here, and I think it might just fit (would be close though, tight fit maybe!):http://camerasize.com/compare/#525,393 Otherwise, this one will surely fit: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HONU-Camera-Camcorder-Cage-For-Panasonic-Lumix-M43-Gh-Gh4-4k-Gh3-Mirrorless-
  4. Be mad to get a 5Dmk2 when so many cheaper and better solutions exist! I say just get a GH4 with a GH1 as a back up (as you never want to only have one camera, especially not for documentaries!).
  5. Ah my bad... I think I was thinking of some other camera :-/ Perhaps I had in mind the A7s? Which is only switchable in some models, but not all (such as the one sold in the USA can't).Ah well, just got to hope for H.265 support now from major NLEs and built in variable ND adapters. As sadly neither Fotodiox or HolyManta make it for Samsung NX mount. As being able to rig up a Samsung NX1 together with "built in" variable ND filters would make it an incredible set up for run and gun work indoors/outdoors, such as weddings. Putting it that bit closer to being a decent competitor the video camera
  6. If a person does a Nikon F (or even Canon EF... ) to Samsung NX adapter with built in good ND filters (with a zero ND setting too would be ideal) and major NLE's add H.265 support and Samsung makes it PAL/NTSC switchable then I'll find the NX1 incredibly hard to resist! Samsung doesn't even need to do any more other major improvements (though simple things like removing the recording limit would be nice too...), just if those three things happened tomorrow I'd then get a NX1.
  7. Check out CHDK, if I remember right that project has got some scripts/options to shoot in 3D with two P&S Canon cameras.
  8. The cheapest decently high quality way to do it with an ICL is to buy a Samsung NX300 and get their 3D 45mm f/1.8 lens. (I've got the NX300 myself, will get the lens sometime soon)
  9. IronFilm

    Speed Booster?

    Nikon F is most of my lenses, and the BMPCC is m4/3 Thus I use a Nikon F to m4/3 But you'd want C/Y to m4/3 (or possible a C/Y to EF then a EF to m4/3, and stack them together).
  10. As the house is probably burning at night, AND the a7s cost more, I'd of course grab the Sony!
  11. Oh well, is confirming the bad news. Same sensor as the NX1. But very crippled, if that is something Samsung did intentionally (hope not?) or is due to its cheaper lower end processor, don't know. A little part of me hoped it would be different.... as Samsung went so balls to the wall with the NX1 in not holding back. Maybe maybe the NX500 might be fixed with future firmware updates, like the NX1 was greatly improved with lots of firmware updates. The NX500 is still a heaps better camera than 90% of others in its price point. Just not what I'd hoped. Was thinking NX1/NX500/NX300 could be
  12. If that is true, the NX500 is a complete write off for me :-( Such a pity, had high hopes this could be "the one". After how Samsung wasn't holding back with the NX1 I was kinda expecting Samsung wouldn't be indulging in these games of crippling lower end products.
  13. IronFilm

    Speed Booster?

    I purchased it via Personal-View forum's. Dumb EF means it doesn't have electronic connectors.
  14. IronFilm

    Speed Booster?

    I recommend RJ Lens Turbo, it costs a mere fraction of the Metabones standard 0.7x focal reducer. And yes, it comes in C/Y mount (or you could use a dumb EF, which they sell too). RJ Lens Turbo is what I use myself on my BMPCC (RJ Lens Turbo is really the only good Chinese alternative focal reducer for m4/3. as I'll agree all the others are rubbish! Except for Mitakon if you're looking for one for Sony E mount). Otherwise, splurge out and get the dedicated BMPCC Metabones speedbooster, but just remember you won't be able to use it on a GH4 (or GH5...) if you get one of those in the future.
  15. The Sony A7000 might meet your hopes. That is the one I'll be the most excited to see what it is. I'd also hope it is time to see a FS200/FS1, though read zero rumours about that. Plus will be keeping my fingers crossed Panasonic brings out a G7 and AF200. I'll be expecting a Canon C300mk2 as well, but I expect it to be overpriced and boring. Blackmagic Design probably will surprise us again, but I highly doubt it will be a BMCC v2 or BMPCC v2 which is what I really want to see.
  16. Oh well, disappointment. Will keep an eye out for the reviews. But it looks like it it back to waiting for the A7000 or maybe a G7
  17. Yeah those two cameras (RED One and BMPC4K) have quite the overlap, getting one or the other makes sense. No point having both however!
  18. If you're looking for the sweet spot of dirt cheap but great 1080p, get the Sony A5100.(I picked up mine like new for just US$310) Has a bit better than stock 5Dmk3 quality, but also has FHD 60fps. Otherwise wait for reviews of the NX500 to roll in. Or if you're very patient, wait for Sony A7000? It might get announced at NAB.
  19. IronFilm

    5d mark 3

    Personally I dont see the point in paying anything over US$600 for a 5Dmk3..... Canon is waaaay overpriced for filmmaking with.
  20. IronFilm

    Adapting Lenses

    ​ It does happen! I started out with a GH1, but I'm very glad that from the start I was investing in Nikon F mount lenses, as then it made it completely 100% painless to transition from a GH1 to a D5200 thanks to reviews like Andrew Reid's: http://www.eoshd.com/2013/02/nikon-d5200-vs-canon-5d-mark-iii/ http://www.eoshd.com/2013/02/nikon-d5200-review/ And if I was more into photography, and had the budget, I'd be pouncing on the D750 immediately!
  21. http://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-press-conference-on-april-13-new-ag-af-4k-mft-camcorder-coming/ Thought I'd start a new thread to collect rumours about an "AF200" and to contain our own wild speculation/hopes/dreams about it ;-) Not too long after the HDSLR revolution started, the companies started bringing out accessibly priced large sensor video cameras with interchangeable lenses. Such as the AF100, then later the FS100, then a bit later the C100. Since then the C100 has been replaced with the (very disappointingly small update) C100mk2, the FS100's big brother the FS700 has been "r
  22. I'm assuming that Fujinon is a C mount lens, if so it will be impossible for it to get infinity focus on a Samsung NX mount.
  23. Nice! There are some nice lenses in that range. And of course if you have those lenses, go for BMCC MFT not BMCC EF.
  24. I wouldn't waste even half a second considering Canon in 2015 for raw. Get a A7s / BMPCC / NX1 instead. There is utterly no point to a BMCC EF when you could get a BMCC MFT instead, and unless you're pretty much boringly only recording on a tripod (and/or you already own all the heavier support grip gear for larger cinema cameras, and not the DSLR class) then I'd always pick a BMPCC over a BMCC MFT.
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