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  1. How are the Sony EX1 cameras artificially sharp, how does that happen?
  2. This is a bit of an old post... but I just felt like I had to reply, as this might be the best comment in reply that I've read on this forum! Well said Matt.
  3. I'm simply amazed that such a simple post generated such a long thread with so many posts discussion A or B! wow
  4. Yup, the video world is changing so very fast that I would recommend a person just starting out spends a minimal amount. So get a D5200. Then later on down the track when you're more experienced you'll have a clearer idea of what *you* want, and by then technology will have moved on a lot further (so don't waste thousands right now).
  5. Am I correct in assuming the "jinfinance" seller on eBay and the rjcamera.com website are exactly one and the same person? Thus if I purchased either of these two products I'd get exactly the same item: http://www.rjcamera.com/ocart/index.php?route=product%2Fproduct&path=20_65_66&product_id=62 http://www.ebay.com/itm/new-Nikon-F-G-focal-reducer-speed-booster-adapter-to-Sony-NEX-5-6-7-FS700-FS100-/360707999952 If so, why is there the US$40 difference between the two of them??? :-/ And are the Sony E mount focal reducers just as high quality as his m4/3 focal reducers?
  6. I've just picked up a new Sony A5100 (for US$330, a great Black Friday deal!) and want to use my Nikon F mount lenses on it. What is the best Metabones focal reducer clone for Nikon G to Sony E mount? Is it the Mitakon Lens Turbo II? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mitakon-Lens-Turbo-Focal-II-Reducer-Adapter-Nikon-F-ai-s-Sony-NEX-VG-camera-/171320696417 Or would the much cheaper jinfinance be just as good? http://www.ebay.com/itm/new-Nikon-F-G-focal-reducer-speed-booster-adapter-to-Sony-NEX-5-6-7-FS700-FS100-/360707999952
  7. I have a Pentax 645 to Nikon F adapter, so then I can put my medium format glass on a speed booster :-) Only get a 0.71x of course, but is something! And waaaay cheaper than buying a Pentax 645Z! (though I'd love to own one)
  8. You make an interesting point... except the analogy is flawed as many many blind taste tests show people can not tell the difference between Coca Cola and its competitors.
  9. If you live somewhere with a decent film school which is free, or at least low cost, then sure.... go for it! But if it is an option of spending several years at uni while you get deeper and deeper in debt vs.... working for even very low pay (but not getting in debt) while gaining several years of experience, then I'm skeptical if uni is the better choice here?
  10. Absolutely keep your Nikon F lenses! Nikon F mount is a great mount, which is easily adaptable to whatever new camera you get. I have most of my lens collection in Nikon F mount. If I was in your shoes I'd simply get a Nikon D5200 and call it a day. Maybe get a wide angle lens too for it (Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 is what I have), and/or an external monitor too (a tripod would be handy as well, as I doubt any of yours has fluid head). Getting the D750 is also a good option, but I really think it is a better idea to go with a much cheaper camera (D5200 is going new
  11. Schnorgie, is it not PAL/NTSC switchable?? **Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II M2 Wi-Fi Digital Camera 32 GB SD Card Case Bundle, US$389** http://www.ebay.com/itm/311156217623 Hmmm..... I'm getting really tempted to get one myself now! Anything else I'm missing instead? The RX100mk3 doesn't seem like it is worth it for the extra price, and as lovely as the LX100, it too is also a lot more expensive.
  12. Impressive. Interesting to read how they were using a camera which only got released the week before they started shooting!
  13. I totally agree it *could* be better. But nooo... Canon hasn't done that. I'm sure if Canon had, then we'd be hearing about it in the blogsphere from a million Canon fanboys.
  14. That "kit lens" however adds an extra $1.3k! That is one damn expensive kit lens. :-o Which very very strangely is *more* than it costs to buy that lens by itself: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1022903-REG/samsung_16_50mm_f_2_2_8_s_ed.html What the heck is the pricing/marketing guy at Samsung smoking.... !
  15. Shows how m4/3 is the strongest of all the mount systems! Panasonic, Olympus, Blackmagic Design, Kodak, and now JVC are all backing the system! Plus many third party manufacturers such as SLR Magic, Sigma, Tokina, etc...
  16. Why did you shot half in crop mode? (as you say rolling shutter wasn't an issue for you)
  17. rndmtsk: ha! The Alexa 65 makes the Sony FS7 look CHEAP! So yeah, don't think that is an option here for most of us.
  18. I just don't like how people constantly state Canon was "first", which reinforces people's misconceptions about Canon. As not only is not technically true (as that is the D90, which I too started out with), but also the general gist of it isn't true either. As Canon didn't *bring* video to the indie filmmakers, not at all. They accidentally stumbled across it. (as can be seen in how they acted with their subsequent DSLRs, more or less no video improvement. As they were not "bringing it", was just a fluke)
  19. I'll vote for the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 too, I use it on a RJ Lens Turbo on my BMPCC.
  20. False, and very unfortunately an extremely commonly believed falsehood. But it was Nikon who was first to implement video in a DSLR. With the Nikon D90.
  21. tomekk, that would indeed be sadly (and unsurprisingly) true based on this and what we know about Canon.
  22. Well, the obvious answer for you then is to get the Sony A5100. Though personally for a newbie I'd recommend they get the Panasonic G6 as their first camera (if they have the budget for it, otherwise a Panasonic GH1 or Sony NEX-5N is the way to go). I wouldn't worry about the sensor size of APS-C vs m4/3, you often have to stop down anyway to get enough usable DoF, so that cancels out any benefit there of having APS-C. Plus, once you use a cheap RJ Lens Turbo (it is great, I use one!) on your m4/3 camera, you've got Super 35mm / APS-C FoV now.
  23. zenpm, yes you can film in APS-C mode.
  24. Surely if he got this "AMAZING" and very expensive Nikon camera, he must have lots and lots of very nice Nikon lenses? (well.... he should, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't?) Thus logically a good camera to get is the Nikon D5200, it will be a huge leap up in quality (can match stills from full frame from only a few years ago, while matching 5DmkIII for video) while still being very cheap. Or more likely, the D7100 as I bet his lenses don't have an AF motor built into many of them. Another option is go mirrorless, and he can keep on using his lenses with that. Such as the Sony
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